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Whether you need SEO, PPC, Facebook Marketing, or someone to handle all of your digital marketing efforts, we can help. Our eCommerce marketing services are a la carte and highly flexible. They are tailored to what will work best for your industry, using the audience you already have. Don’t have an audience yet? We’ll help you build one from the ground up. If you’re ready to see what a difference professional digital marketing can make, you’re in the right place.

You have a business to run, which doesn’t always leave time for researching the latest Google algorithm changes or sitting down at your computer to write optimized blogs for your website. Not only can we implement a smart and agile campaign that will produce tangible results, but you’ll have a team of experts in your corner that can help answer your questions and adapt to your needs on the fly.

It doesn’t matter how great your website is if no one ever sees it. Our comprehensive SEO and PPC campaigns will drive the valuable traffic and conversions you’re looking for that will propel your business to the next level. If success is what you’re after, digital marketing is something no eCommerce merchant can afford to ignore.

only the big ones.

BigCommerce SEO
BigCommerce SEO

You have your BC store up and running and that is certainly a great accomplishment.

Shopify SEO
Shopify SEO

Business owners on Shopify Plus know how topsy turvy the world of Google rankings can be. A store that was once riding.

Magento SEO
Magento SEO

If you’re a merchant on Magento you know how important it is to have a reliable IT team supporting your site.

Amazon PPC
Amazon PPC

If you already have your products listed on Amazon, you can increase your rankings and draw in more.

WordPress SEO
WordPress SEO

While you may think of WordPress as a platform for creating blogs, it is also well- known for its eCommerce capabilities.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising

If you’re not maintaining a presence on social media, you’ll appear disengaged, impersonal, and unapproachable compared.

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ecommerce marketing.

We live and breathe eCommerce SEO and PPC. It makes us who we are, and we’re experts at it. Digital marketing does more than just increase traffic and sales, it can strengthen every aspect of your presence online and brand you as an authority in your industry.

thought leadership


When customers and competitors search for topics or products you specialize in, we want you on that first page. No one’s looking at page 2 anymore. Our eCommerce digital marketing will get your name out there by crafting informative and engaging content that will populate throughout the web and point back to you, building your authority and increasing your traffic.

customer analytics


Marketing analytics provide a wealth of information that can be used by our team of professionals to generate data-driven results. You will be able to see which of your products is performing well and gain valuable insight into your customer base, allowing you to make informed decisions about the direction of your store.

fresh website pages


A professionally managed digital marketing campaign will ensure that your website content is regularly refreshed with engaging blogs, improved metadata, and attractive graphical elements. Your website will never feel stale from lack of new material.

a stronger domain


No matter which platform you stick with on your eCommerce journey, your domain will always stay with you. Our digital marketing efforts are permanent and will remain in place to boost the authority of your domain name no matter where it lives, making it a valuable asset for your business.

better site optimization


In order to compete, your website must operate at peak performance. This includes page speed and properly structured markup. Our digital marketing campaigns include comprehensive strategies for improving the performance and searchability of your website, to better connect with and meet the needs of your customers.

a window into the competition


Part of what it takes to put a successful marketing campaign together is an understanding of the competition. We take competitor research seriously and will make sure you are always staying one step ahead while keeping an eye in the rearview mirror at possible strategies other leaders in your industry might be using that work.

measurable seo results.

Mac of all Trades

Mac of all Trades

increase in organic traffic in 1 year


increase in organic revenue in 1 year

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HB Sports

HB Sports

increase in organic traffic in 3 months


increase in organic revenue in 3 months

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increase in organic transactions


increase in organic revenue

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FREE In-depth SEO and PPC Analysis

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"I had the pleasure of working with Genius eCommerce® on two separate projects, and they did an incredible job both on SEO and PPC and were able to hit all of my goals sooner than I expected, which was a nice surprise. Me personally I’ve always been a bit skeptical when it comes to SEO but Genius eCommerce® actually helped me to understand how it all works. Hats off to them."

Jason F.

"Really enjoy working with the Genius eCommerce® team on our SEO campaign. Their process is really transparent and I always knew what was going on without having to constantly chase people. They are extremely knowledgeable about what search engines want and after only a month and a half I jumped in rankings for several keywords I was targeting. They even helped me with blogging which I never really had time for before. I’m constantly getting little updates from them, communication is constant and very direct. Very happy with the results so far."

Janet W.
Shop Sunflower Boutique

"They simplified everything so even I could understand it, which was a plus. They worked fast to get my campaign started and I saw results within the first few weeks. I like how they are always communicating with us, providing updates and progress on what’s going on. My goal for hiring Genius eCommerce® was to rank more of my products and increase my traffic and I have to say we’re on track to expand my campaign. These guys know their stuff."

Rob G.
Armada Co.

"The team at Genius eCommerce® listened to all of my concerns and were able to create a strategy based on my business goals. I knew it took time to get results from SEO work because of my previous experiences working with marketing agencies, but I had no idea they’d be able to bring me more traffic so fast. It only took a couple weeks - 5 out of 5 stars."

Steven W.
Apparel Farm

"I have one thing to say about Genius eCommerce®. If you want creative ways to build traffic and sales, hire these guys. They know what they’re doing."

James O.
Adrenaline Fuel Nutrition

"We have been working with Genius eCommerce® for several months at this point and we are very impressed with what they have been able to do for us. Several page one rankings, more organic traffic and sales, constant updates. They are very data-driven and are helping us better understand our Google analytics and BigCommerce stats. Whenever we have a question they’re also really good about getting back to us quickly. Highly recommend them!"

Aubrey C.
Coastline Denim

Sincerely Nuts
Steinway & Sons
Mac of all Trades

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FREE In-depth SEO and PPC Analysis

valid to new merchants only