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we are Genius eCommercepowered by 1digital®

What does Genius eCommerce® mean to you? To us, Genius eCommerce® is knowing everything there is to know about the eCommerce world. It’s knowing how search engine optimization works and what goes into an effective campaign. It’s the in-depth research of keywords to give you the opportunity to succeed. It’s the optimization that goes on behind the scenes, the technical SEO that makes a significant impact, and the content produced to help increase authority in your industry, build backlinks, and provide value to your users.

Genius eCommerce® is being an expert in eCommerce SEO and PPC. It’s working to achieve success, the common goal we all share in the eCommerce industry. We want to help you make your eCommerce website great with the expertise you need to improve your rankings, increase traffic and boost sales.

SEO and PPC are who we are and what we do. Join us on our journey, where we’re partnered with the biggest platforms and the best third-party tools, with the experts to back it up and help you achieve your true potential in the online world.

BigCommerce SEO
Shopify Plus SEO
Magento SEO
Volusion SEO

our goal is your goal.

To get your website ranking and draw in more traffic.

Ranking and Traffic

Ranking and Traffic

Our goal is to help you improve your website’s ranking and build more traffic to your ecommerce business.

Conversions and Sales

Conversions and Sales

Improve your digital marketing efforts with the help of experts who know how to lead customers down the sales funnel.

Tools and Support

Tools and Support

Provide access to the best digital marketing tools, giving you the support you need to become a trusted authority in your industry.

Communication and Results

Communication and Results

Transparent, consistent communication showcasing clear and measurable results attributable to our efforts.

a smart partner for your ecommerce marketing.

From SEO to PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more, Genius eCommerce® can get you from not ranking in the top 100 pages of search engines to ranking on page 1 with an increase in domain authority, an increase in traffic, and a more cohesive voice throughout all avenues of your digital marketing.

powered by 1digital

powered by an ecommerce powerhouse

Genius eCommerce® is powered by 1Digital® Agency – a group of design innovators, development virtuosos, and digital marketing fanatics with a passion for eCommerce that runs deep. 1Digital® is a digital marketing agency that has unparalleled experts devoted to every piece of the eCommerce puzzle, assisting businesses with every facet of online presence.

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