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Best eCommerce Platform for SEO

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ecommerce seo strategies for all major platforms

Genius eCommerce® provides expert digital marketing services to boost your conversion metrics no matter what platform you choose for eCommerce. We craft SEO strategies specifically designed to capitalize on your platform’s strengths to give your business unique competitive advantages.

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platform specific seo strategies

In the same way every tool has a specific use, every eCommerce platform provides unique benefits that can only be leveraged by expert digital marketing professionals. Our platform-specific approach allows our clients to realize the full potential of their website and then some. Build a fully functional website on the platform that offers the best features for your business model, or implement a headless eCommerce environment to take advantage of the best features BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Magento, and Volusion have to offer. Unleash the true power of your eCommerce website by partnering with Genius eCommerce®.

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Expert SEO Services by
Genius eCommerce®

Every eCommerce platform has its strengths and weaknesses. That’s why it is extremely important to understand each of them at a deeper level to ensure you choose an eCommerce platform that gives your business the best value proposition to your online store and brand. Genius eCommerce® can help you select the right eCommerce platform for your business if you are undecided, or will open your eyes to a new world of features you never thought could be applied to your online store. Get unique advantages over your competitors, and quickly climb your way up to the top of search results.

the best ecommerce platform for seo is…

Every eCommerce platform offers unique strengths for merchants in every industry, and they all provide undeniable advantages for those who are just starting out in the world of eCommerce. However, the most important aspect of any SEO campaign is the team behind your online marketing strategies.

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Only eCommerce SEO experts specialized in creating top-performing websites on the platform of your choice can ensure optimal customization and top performance in every measurable way, including rankings, organic traffic, authoritativeness, and revenue.

Don’t be limited by your platform. There is always a way to integrate non-native functionalities into your website. Genius eCommerce provides the know-how and experience necessary to take your online store to the next level. If you require a seamless eCommerce migration because you have outgrown your platform, we’ve got you covered.

BigCommerce SEO

BigCommerce SEO

BigCommerce’s multitude of advantages for merchants have positioned the platform among the fastest growing in the world. It possesses unique integration capabilities with social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, while providing powerful customization features that make it a favorite among serious merchants. Nobody knows the ins and outs of BigCommerce better than Genius eCommerce®. Our Bigcommerce SEOexperts know how to leverage the features your business needs in order to dominate your competition and become a leader in your industry and location.

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Advantages of BigCommerce

  • Flexibility: It does not require coding knowledge to build your store and start using their host of useful features.
  • SEO-Friendly: This is certainly a factor that lures in a lot of merchants when looking for the best eCommerce platform for SEO. BigCommerce comes with many features that search engines love such as responsive design, SEO-friendly URLs, and even built-in 301 redirects to never interrupt bot crawling.
  • Customer Friendly Layout: BigCommerce Templates are designed to offer a seamless customer experience for your visitors, and can accept over 40 payment methods reducing the chances of shopping cart abandonment.
Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO

Today’s largest eCommerce platform has now partnered with Google and Facebook, making it extremely attractive for those who want to give their business an edge in search engine optimization and social media positioning. This partnership makes the platform extremely competitive and challenging for those who want to offer a unique value proposition. Shopify SEO is precisely the art and science of becoming an authority in your industry, resulting in increased engagement and conversions from your target audience.

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Advantages of Shopify

  • A Wealth of Plugins: Shopify offers one of the largest plugin libraries available, so there is always a way to make your website offer unique value to your customers.
  • User-Friendly: This platform is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, making it a favorite among users and business owners who don’t know how to code.
  • Built-In Blogging Capabilities: For merchants who rely on a strong content strategy, Shopify offers great blogging features to combine product placement with engaging content. Search engines tend to favor content-rich websites, giving Shopify users a strong edge over their competitors.
  • Great for Tracking Data: Shopify allows users to integrate Google Analytics into their website for accurate monitoring of traffic, leads and conversions. This helps merchants make informed decisions when designing their marketing strategies.
wordpress SEO

WordPress SEO

This content-based platform is a favorite among those who rely on giving their audiences evergreen content that educates, informs, and ultimately converts. Most websites around the world are hosted on WordPress for a reason: it is extremely easy to set up, and very flexible. Positioning your website among the first organic search results requires the help of the best WordPress SEO experts. Genius eCommerce® will craft the perfect content marketing and link-building strategy to position your brand in front of eager audiences interested in your products and services.

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Advantages of WordPress

  • Highly Customizable: WordPress is an open source platform that can be completely customized to bring your vision to life. It also offers an immense plugin library that helps you to easily add useful features to your website without getting in the way of your customer’s experience.
  • Great Tech Support: Its open source nature means that there are many techs constantly working to make the platform better for merchants and visitors alike. Additionally, WordPress boasts some of the fastest response times over other major platforms.
  • SEO Ready: WordPress is, above all, a content platform. Search engines still give content a higher preference when it comes to evaluating SEO factors, making this platform a favorite for merchants and marketers with strong content strategies. The platform also offers great features such as URL customization options, built-in 301 redirects, responsive designs, and strong blogging capabilities.
volusion SEO

Volusion SEO

This cloud-based platform offers everything you need to start an online business right off the bat. It is completely hosted, meaning that you don’t need to install anything to get it up and running. Volusion has everything you need, including marketplace integrations, built-in SEO tools, and social media selling tools, making it a favorite for those who want a one-stop-shop, or companies who want a solid platform that can deal with massive amounts of traffic. the Volusion SEO experts at Genius eCommerce® can help you get the best out of this versatile platform and position your brand right in front of your target audience no matter where they are located.

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Advantages of Volusion

  • User-Friendly: Building a website on Volusion is extremely easy, and they have great tutorials to guide users through the whole process of creating an online store step by step.
  • Great SEO Features: Their dashboard allows you to monitor and control various factors that affect your rankings with ease, such as URL customization and 301 redirects.
  • Clean Interface: This is a great advantage for those who want to present a clear sales funnel that is both easy to navigate and enticing for users.
magento SEO

Magento SEO

Magento is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms out there, offering incredible customization features and endless possibilities for catalog design. Although Magento’s basic features are user-friendly, you need Magento SEO experts by your side if you want to unleash its full potential. Genius eCommerce®‘s proprietary SEO dashboard provides in-depth insights into your rankings while helping you to get the most out of your current Magento plugins, enabling you to outperform other platforms while keeping all technical and on-page SEO elements in top shape.

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Advantages of Magento

  • Fully Customizable: This open source platform allows anyone to completely customize every single aspect of a website. Many power-users love the platform as they can create stores that are completely unique and still offer unparalleled user experience.
  • SEO-Friendly: Because of its infinite potential, there are always ways to boost the performance of a Magento-based website, making it one of the best eCommerce platforms for SEO.

why is platform seo important?

SEO is the best way to generate a constant stream of high-quality and already interested leads. Most audiences start their customer’s journey with a Google search, looking for certain products or solutions to present problems. Our digital marketing experts specialize in designing resource-efficient ways to make your website a one-stop shop for answers and products that quench your audience’s thirst for solutions.

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SEO is the best way to generate a constant stream of high-quality and already interested leads. Most audiences start their customer’s journey with a Google search, looking for certain products or solutions to present problems. Our digital marketing experts specialize in designing resource-efficient ways to make your website a one-stop shop for answers and products that quench your audience’s thirst for solutions.

The only way to make sure you’re using the right platform for your industry and niche, or to make sure you’re using your eCommerce website to its fullest potential is to perform a quick and free SEO audit.

Our dedicated experts will present you with the best choices to give your website drastically increased chances to outrank your competitors and position your brand as an authority in your industry in the eyes of search engines and audiences alike.

Figure out why your website is lagging behind and start your path to explosive and sustainable growth for years to come.

measurable seo results.

seo results Mac of all Trades

Mac of all Trades

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increase in organic revenue in 1 year

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HB Sports

increase in organic traffic in 3 months


increase in organic revenue in 3 months

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"I had the pleasure of working with Genius eCommerce® on two separate projects, and they did an incredible job both on SEO and PPC and were able to hit all of my goals sooner than I expected, which was a nice surprise. Me personally I’ve always been a bit skeptical when it comes to SEO but Genius eCommerce® actually helped me to understand how it all works. Hats off to them."

Jason F.

"Really enjoy working with the Genius eCommerce® team on our SEO campaign. Their process is really transparent and I always knew what was going on without having to constantly chase people. They are extremely knowledgeable about what search engines want and after only a month and a half I jumped in rankings for several keywords I was targeting. They even helped me with blogging which I never really had time for before. I’m constantly getting little updates from them, communication is constant and very direct. Very happy with the results so far."

Janet W.
Shop Sunflower Boutique

"They simplified everything so even I could understand it, which was a plus. They worked fast to get my campaign started and I saw results within the first few weeks. I like how they are always communicating with us, providing updates and progress on what’s going on. My goal for hiring Genius eCommerce® was to rank more of my products and increase my traffic and I have to say we’re on track to expand my campaign. These guys know their stuff."

Rob G.
Armada Co.

"The team at Genius eCommerce® listened to all of my concerns and were able to create a strategy based on my business goals. I knew it took time to get results from SEO work because of my previous experiences working with marketing agencies, but I had no idea they’d be able to bring me more traffic so fast. It only took a couple weeks - 5 out of 5 stars."

Steven W.
Apparel Farm

"I have one thing to say about Genius eCommerce®. If you want creative ways to build traffic and sales, hire these guys. They know what they’re doing."

James O.
Adrenaline Fuel Nutrition

"We have been working with Genius eCommerce® for several months at this point and we are very impressed with what they have been able to do for us. Several page one rankings, more organic traffic and sales, constant updates. They are very data-driven and are helping us better understand our Google analytics and BigCommerce stats. Whenever we have a question they’re also really good about getting back to us quickly. Highly recommend them!"

Aubrey C.
Coastline Denim

Sincerely Nuts
Steinway & Sons
Mac of all Trades

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May 13, 2022

After two years of unparalleled expansion, the eCommerce environment has started to slow down. Many businesses grew accustomed to increased traffic and sales caused by the lockdown economy. Like manna from the sky, visitors seemed to pour down endlessly and all we had to do was keep our websites tidy and clean so customers would […]

March 25, 2022

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to build an online store and create a reliable form of passive revenue. On the other hand, eCommerce platforms enjoy a healthy reputation for being incredibly easy to use and provide merchants with great tools to help them sell their products and services to an […]

March 21, 2022

Because Google does not make public its algorithms, there are no hard and fast rules in the digital marketing industry. WordPress SEO experts can follow Google’s SEO recommendations and guidelines, but outside of Google’s inner circle, nobody really knows for sure what goes on in their algorithm. Non-SEO marketing methods can now help generate leads […]

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