The eCommerce industry continues to grow and it is becoming more and more important for businesses to have an online presence. But it’s not always easy to be an online success, especially if you are a smaller business.

Many businesses will struggle with building an eCommerce website and establishing an online presence for several reasons. They may have a website that is difficult for the customer to use. They may struggle to showcase the value of their products and the details about each product. Maybe the website has a great design, but it’s difficult to navigate and can lead to frustration.

You know that an online presence is required, but may not know how to put together a proper strategy or what factors to consider when preparing to enter the online space.

Here are five factors you need to hit to have eCommerce success:

Focus on Your Brand – You want to establish your brand, stick to it and use it to make a connection with your customers. Customers enjoy familiarity and recognizing a business by its brand because the brand expresses the values that they hold and the mission of the company. Your brand is your voice, so use it and use it well. Having a solid brand builds a rapport with customers and motivates them to purchase from you. Making that connection with one customer can also expand to multiple customers.

Don’t Forget SEO – Building strong SEO is a good way to connect with people organically through search results. You want your brand, products, and services to be keywords to your business so that people can find you with greater ease through Google. Google helps guide users to your business with strong SEO. Putting a greater focus on SEO will help in the long run, because it increases your reach by putting you higher on search results pages.

Create a Friendly User Experience – A key to a good online store is having one that it easy to navigate and makes the purchase process quick and painless. Having a developed website will provide a quality user experience that responds to prompts quickly, provides easy navigation, and explains and represents your products and services.This is another good place to reinforce your brand. Don’t forget that creating a good user experience goes farther than just your desktop website. You also want your website to be optimized to mobile devices and tablets so people can get the same online shopping experience on their phone.

Be Transparent – Ever go to a website and spend several minutes looking for a way to contact the business when you have a question? A great way to be transparent is to put your contact information in a place where it is easily visible. List your email address and phone number so people have multiple options for ways to contact you and include a contact page dedicated to this information that is also easy to access. In addition, using morals when doing business also helps your success. Be upfront about any fees or charges, communicate any conditions to purchases made through your website, and give quality information about your product. By being honest, transparent, and communicating the value of your products, it translates to your customer base.

Engage Your Customers – Using social media is the easiest way to engage with your customers. Get on all of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more. This serves as an easy platform to market your content and showcase your products. Build a blog and use that as a marketing tool. The more you post, the more you can boose engagement by creating backlinks, which helps build your brand. Create interest about your products with a social media post.

Once you have established a brand, are promoting that brand, and have a well-functioning website, you can start to see the fruits of your labor pay off as more people start to come to your website because of it’s easy functionality, branding, and engagement in promoting that brand.

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