Growing your business can seem like an impossible task without the proper direction. You know you have to invest more into your marketing strategy, but this is easier said than done when there are so many different options and conflicting bits of information to contend with. How do you know what’s right for your BigCommerce store?

BigCommerce SEO services can provide that growth you need, by helping to drive more customers to your website which will ultimately result in more sales and higher brand awareness. There are many different ways to approach digital marketing for eCommerce businesses, but in the right hands, a search engine optimization campaign can produce incredible results.

What are the specific benefits of BigCommerce SEO and why is it so important to utilize the proper services in order to get the best results? We’re here to help clear the air and help you determine what’s best for your eCommerce website, by providing a little insight into the SEO process and what you can expect as a result of running a professional data-driven campaign.

Why SEO Services For BigCommerce Are More Effective

The first step toward getting the proper results from SEO is to understand how important it is to rely on services that are centered around eCommerce specifically. The optimizations that are required in order to help gain traction in Google differ from website to website, and industry to industry. Service businesses and blogs require vastly different styles of SEO than do eCommerce stores, so an agency that provides only blanket solutions will not give you the proper boost you’re looking for.

Here are just some of the ways that eCommerce sites differ from other kinds of businesses online:

  • The user intent is going to be far different on an eCommerce website. Content on your site must be crafted with this intent in mind, and that means your SEO campaign needs to be structured to accommodate this as well. Everything from keyword research to the way in which content is written needs to have an eCommerce slant.
  • Online stores tend to be far larger than other kinds of websites. Because of all of the different product and category pages, you are dealing with a lot more website content in general. This is a double-edged sword, because while more pages may equal more chances to rank in Google for something, it also means you could be making the same critical mistakes on hundreds of pages instead of just a few.
  • Instead of simply signing up on an email list or submitting a form, users on BigCommerce websites are there for one primary reason: to shop. This means the structure of your website has to be developed in such a way that it guides users to this outcome. The right eCommerce SEO team will know how to make this happen.
  • In order to show up consistently in search results, the pages on your website have to be optimized in such a way that Google will think they are relevant when users put in certain “shopping” related search terms, and this is something you have to factor into your website as well. It’s not enough to simply rely on the product names you are selling, but supporting long-tail keywords that have the right volume and difficulty.

The average run-of-the-mill SEO company is not going to be able to factor in all of these different points. BigCommerce SEO services will provide that extra layer of knowledge and professionalism you are looking for that will actually get you the kind of results your business needs in order to grow.

What Can You Expect From a BigCommerce SEO Campaign?

If you are interested in hiring an agency to handle your BigCommerce SEO, you have to have realistic expectations. There is a lot of misconception out there when it comes to SEO in general, and if you go in without fully understanding what you are investing in, you might pull the plug on a campaign too early or not understand what a successful campaign even looks like.

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, it can take a little bit of time for a professional SEO campaign to get moving. This is because you not only have to perform the right amount of keyword research before any changes are made or before any content is written, Google needs to see quite a bit of improvement before actually ranking your website higher in the search results. The number one thing to remember when diving into SEO is to not expect immediate results. If anyone promises you guaranteed quick or top of page one results, they are pulling your leg – SEO is volatile and slow-moving. It takes patience and a high degree of skill to slowly move in the proper direction, building a strong foundation over the course of several months.

That being said, here are some examples of what you can expect out of a properly managed SEO campaign for BigCommerce.

A Structured Keyword Strategy

This is one area where hiring a capable SEO agency will make all the difference. A successful campaign often depends on having a vetted keyword strategy in place. The right agency will know how to perform the proper research, uncovering lucrative ranking opportunities and very specific keywords that could help push your website to the next level, if targeted correctly.

Selecting a bunch of random, semi-related keywords is one of the biggest mistakes that many SEOs make. Not targeting them correctly is an even bigger mistake. A veteran BigCommerce agency will know how to select keywords that not only have great search intent, but ones that your website actually has a chance to rank for based on your currency domain authority. As the campaign progresses, they will be able to help analyze new keyword opportunities that will continue to encourage growth.

Product and Category Page Enhancements

For eCommerce stores, having the right information on your category and product pages can make quite a difference, both in terms of user behavior and for SEO. Having a great BigCommerce theme and taking care of other fundamental aspects of website design and SEO isn’t enough to ensure that your product and category pages are doing their job.

A properly managed SEO campaign will address these points of weakness in your website and determine where additional content is needed in order to provide context for search engines and flesh out your website accordingly. This not only helps Google rank your website higher, but helps users find what they are looking for as well.

Engaging Blog Content

These days, it’s difficult to get a website to rank well without a high-quality, professional blog. Although it was once the case that eCommerce websites typically didn’t need blogs, this trend has slowly been shifting.

Have rich, informative content not only helps your audience with questions they might have, these large pieces of valuable content push authority to your products and other pages on your website. Crafting engaging content that features your most important keywords, in tandem with quality backlinks, is like a green light for Google. Your BigCommerce SEO strategy must include consistent blog writing otherwise you are not doing nearly enough.

Powerful and Relevant Backlinks

A backlink strategy is another one of those areas that’s absolutely essential but many SEO services either ignore or don’t do nearly enough. Hyperlinks are what search engines use to determine relevancy and user traffic flow and behavior. Without the right links pointing back to your website content, Google has very little to go off of in terms of context and has no reason to consider your website an authority on anything.

Professional BigCommerce SEO services take this into consideration from day one, by creating a variety of different types of content and distributing it across the web on high authority 3rd party websites. With the proper strategy here, your website will naturally accrue authority, which is how you can ultimately rank higher than your competitors and begin to see real growth for your website.

On-Site SEO Best Practices

With the help of a trusted agency that knows the ins and outs of SEO for BigCommerce, you can also expect a variety of on-site technical adjustments. From meta titles to the placement of important content, and even to design enhancements as needed, the services you choose should ensure that your website has the proper optimizations in place that Google is looking for. There are hundreds of different ranking signals, according to Google, which means that most online stores require a generous amount of tweaks and changes in order to get them in line.

The Right SEO Agency

A skilled BigCommerce Agency will be able to construct a strategy that covers all of the most important parts of eCommerce SEO, giving your store what it needs to grow.

A Trusted Strategy by a Skilled Team

Most of all, you simply need an agency that actually approaches your SEO needs with a real strategy in place. Too many SEOs just shoot from the hip and don’t actually have a strategy in place, they simply rely on making a bunch of unrelated technical updates and hope that it is enough to eke out some results. In competitive eCommerce industries, this is rarely, if ever enough.

Being able to place your full trust in an agency and know that they are on top of everything when it comes to your SEO is priceless. The fact is that the BigCommerce platform is one of the best starting points for a viable eCommerce business, but you still need a skilled team to implement a professional search engine optimization strategy if you truly want to grow.

The Best BigCommerce SEO Services For Your Online Store

If growing your BigCommerce store is your priority, our team is here to help. Genius eCommerce is an eCommerce digital marketing agency specializing in BigCommerce SEO. We know exactly how to generate organic traffic and increase your conversions, through sophisticated optimization campaigns.

Our record speaks for itself. When it comes to getting online businesses the boost they need, our SEO strategies are the top choice. Whether you are trying to nab those elusive page-one rankings or if you just want to simply strengthen your brand, we are the agency that can bring these goals to fruition for you.

What makes our SEO approach so different?

  • We cover all aspects of your website’s SEO, from page optimization to content creation.
  • Our process is completely interactive and transparent.
  • You will love our project workflow. Our clients are directly involved with content approval and other key decisions, so you never feel left out or at a loss for what is going on in your own project.
  • We know the BigCommerce platform inside and out, and know how to optimize specifically to get the most out of the platform’s various features.
  • Detailed reporting and statistics. Our trusted process includes in-depth weekly and monthly reporting, including check-in calls and frequent communication that helps to ensure you are informed and aware of the state of your campaign.
  • Flexible pricing options based on keywords that are being targeted.
  • Ongoing monitoring and support. If your eCommerce website encounters a problem or a specific marketing issue arises, you can notify us any time and our team will be on top of it for you.
  • We also manage PPC campaigns for BigCommerce stores, and can use these to complement your SEO campaign.

Growth doesn’t happen on its own. You need a powerful and proven strategy in place in order to truly make a difference for your business. For BigCommerce store owners that want to improve the functionality and user-friendliness of their website, while positioning themselves higher in the Google search results, it’s time to put your marketing budget to good use and contact our team today by calling 888.982.8269.

Don’t let your online store stagnate when you could be building an SEO campaign that will put your BigCommerce shop on the map. Start talking with our team of BigCommerce experts today and you will be on one step closer to growing your business and finding true success online.