User experience is a factor that has been subject to a number of trends in eCommerce over the last few years. If you are not making the experience as easy and simple as possible for your customers, or at least providing the necessary resources to make the shopping experience a quality one, you are falling behind on your competition.

One of the ways you can improve the overall user experience is to increase conversations with your customers and connect with them.

Today, we at Genius eCommerce will look closer at this trend and why it is important. This is who we are and what we do, staying up to date on eCommerce trends to keep you informed.

User experience designer and consultant Sarah Doody told Shopify in a recent post that “the path to conversion is not about clicks but about conversation.” She notes that we should think about starting the conversation with prospective buyers at the top of the funnel so that the rest of the experience can be tailored and customized to them.

There is also the need to keep returning customers engaged. This should happen in a timely manner so that there can be a better understanding of how to improve future experiences and get feedback that can be critical to your success.

It is only logical to start the process of communication early. In sales, you wouldn’t wait to communicate in hopes of making a sale, you would communicate early and build a rapport before eventually making your pitch. That connection goes a long way in leading to conversions.

Why is it so important to build a relationship? It becomes more about the brand than the sale. Rather than focusing on making one quick sale, building a connection with the customer focuses on driving home the message of the brand. It becomes more about a long-term relationship than a one-time sale.

Ultimately, this can lead to greater brand success. It makes the brand and therefore the eCommerce experience seem more human, even in a virtual setting.

Customer service is one of the most important qualities for customers. Someone may be willing to buy the first time, but they will become long-term customers from interaction and quality service should problems arise. It also helps to be able to address these possible issues or take care of questions early. Don’t wait for someone to approach you with the problem. Request for new customers to sign up for a newsletter or for exclusive offers that can keep them coming back. Use the newsletter or a blog to provide ongoing information to keep customers educated and informed so they feel like they are being cared for, even when they are not actively making a purchase.

The customer experience can make all of the difference in creating a long-term relationship with a customer or even getting a customer to purchase at all. Some of that has to do with performance, how quickly the website functions, how effectively you display the products and personalization. But creating a dialogue with customers and having a conversation can allow you to tap into information that can help you improve the experience for your customers, and that is valuable feedback that can only help you grow.

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