Despite your best marketing efforts, you aren’t getting enough traffic to your online store and you are wondering what you are doing wrong or what you could do better. Search engine optimization sounds promising, but you have shied away from it in the past because of the ambiguous nature of SEO and because it doesn’t produce quick results, which you might need in order to keep your eCommerce store afloat.

The big question is, do SEO services work for eCommerce businesses like yours? What kind of ROI can you expect with eCommerce SEO and is this actually a reliable form of digital marketing or is it all smoke and mirrors?

Below we’re going to detail some of the reasons why SEO should be your top priority if you are running an eCommerce store, and why it all comes down to the kind of agency you select for the job. If you want to improve the performance of your website and start attracting more traffic to your landing pages or products, SEO may be the foundation you are looking for.

What Are SEO Services and Are They Worth it?

You have likely researched SEO services in the past and have come away more confused than when you started. It’s true, the entire umbrella of search engine optimization is rather large, encompassing a wide array of various website optimizations, content strategies, and backlinking efforts. The on-page technical adjustments alone can be quite involved, even for smaller websites.

eCommerce SEO Benefits Work

SEO can help shoppers find your products, while improving their overall experience.

Google has made it clear that there are literally hundreds of ranking signals, and it’s up to your SEO company to cover as many of these points as possible with a coordinated strategy. That is no small feat, but the results are certainly worth it. Good SEOs can get your website to rank higher in Google, and even climb onto the first page for your most important search terms or keywords. This is a huge opportunity that can buoy your business or even propel it to new heights.

Do SEO services work well enough to justify the costs? Again, it comes down to your approach. If you want your website optimized properly, you are going to need a skilled team to thoroughly comb through your website and ensure that keywords are being used correctly, that quality meta titles are in place, and that your content is on point. That’s before you even get to work on creating a well-written, informative blog that is regularly updated, or implementing a backlink-building campaign. These services aren’t cheap, but if done correctly, your eCommerce business stands to profit considerably.

The Difference With eCommerce SEO Services

Wondering whether or not certain SEO services will work or not is a waste of time. You need to perform your due diligence and choose the right kind of services, first and foremost. There is a huge difference between typical cookie-cutter SEO and optimizations performed by an actual eCommerce SEO agency.

If you operate an online store on BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, or other eCommerce platforms, you absolutely need SEO services that specifically cater to the needs of online stores. Everything is different with eCommerce, from search intent to the kind of content that needs to be written, and even the way in which backlinking has to be handled.

You can’t expect a run-of-the-mill agency to understand the complexities of eCommerce. Most agencies never even deal with online stores, because most websites aren’t eCommerce to begin with. Either they are portfolios, blogs, service websites, or brand sites, or something else altogether. You need a custom solution implemented by an eCommerce agency that understands how to build and manage SEO campaigns for online stores if you want to get results.

What can you expect from eCommerce SEO services?

  • Meticulously researched keyword opportunities that will help Google users find your products.
  • Technical enhancements that improve conversion rates, such as better category structure, site speed, category descriptions, landing page improvements, better meta titles, and more.
  • Carefully cultivated backlinks that help send authority to your products and categories.
  • An informative blog that gives context to your products and helps build eCommerce brand appeal.
  • A transparent process that allows you to better understand eCommerce as a whole, so you can take the necessary steps to improve your business through other forms of digital marketing as well.

This is only a sample of what you can expect from SEO services that actually work. The key is investing your time and money in an agency that is eCommerce-focused and that knows exactly how to structure a campaign so that it helps you compete in your niche.

If you are serious about giving your website a boost with the help of a real SEO expert, you are in the right place. Here at Genius eCommerce, we are eCommerce SEO professionals that excel at providing marketing services for online stores that get results.

Even if you have hesitated in the past when it comes to investing in SEO for your small business or eCommerce store, there’s never been a better time to fully commit to making the proper optimizations on your website. If you want a shot at competing in your industry and reaching page one, contact our SEO team today at 888.982.8269 and we will help you get started.