When we visit a website, our first impression tends to be based on the look and feel of the website. It’s only natural. As humans, we react and are drawn to things that are appealing to the eye. In the eCommerce space, it makes website design that much more important.

The credibility and trustworthiness of a business are based mainly on the design of a website. In fact, 75 percent of consumers judge these factors based on how a website looks.

Having a strong design means everything from reeling in your customers and getting them to stay with you to view your products and create conversions that keep your business moving. An eCommerce site design further drives home your message and your brand.

At Genius eCommerce, we understand the importance of moving forward in the industry and keeping up with trends that lead to success for your eCommerce business. This is who we are and what we do.

Today, we will take a look at a few eCommerce design trends that you should know.

Strong User Experience – In today’s eCommerce world, you are going nowhere fast if your website is too slow. Visitors to your website want a flawless experience with fast loading pages, easy checkout and a quick and simple way to find the products they want. A poor website design and user experience can turn away potential customers and therefore lead to lost sales. You can save yourself from all of that by simply making sure the website runs and operates well and gives the visitor what they expect.

White Space – We often think of design and think it has to be so eye-catching and colorful and loaded with content that it actually becomes too loud and crowded. The use of white space has been a growing trend because it keeps things simple. Yes, visitors want to see design elements that represent your brand and show off your message and your credibility, but they also need to focus on the task at hand. More white space makes it easier to put the focus on the important elements of a webpage. As long as user experience is an important factor in a purchase, making a website easy to navigate and keeping it simple with white space goes hand in hand.

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Custom Graphics – Separating yourself from your competition is just another part of the game in the eCommerce space. Customization is a great way to stand out, but this can’t be done with generic website templates. You need to think custom and differentiate yourself from your competition. A custom design is a great way to do this, as well as including graphics and branding that furthers your message.

Keep It Bright – It may seem like a second thought at times, but color is actually a factor in swaying visitors to stay with your website rather than going to the competition. Bright colors always have a place on websites because they draw the attention of the human eye, but choosing the right color is the challenge. If people view the website and the color works perfectly to make the messaging easier to read and more appealing, readership can improve by up to 40 percent. If you want your brand to really stand out, choose your colors wisely, but think and be bold.

Responsive Mobile Design – This has been a growing trend for several years as the number of mobile users continues to increase every year. Since 2016, the number of internet users on mobile devices over laptops and desktops has increased. With so many people viewing websites on mobile devices, if your website isn’t responsive and capable of converting to a mobile view, you are guaranteed to lose business. A strong mobile experience is incredibly important because of the number of users that will see it and how many sales you could make to customers who choose to make a purchase on the go.

Keeping up with design trends can make all the difference in completing more conversions or falling behind in the race with your competition. Let Genius eCommerce be your source for trends you should follow for your eCommerce website. It’s who we are and what we do.

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