Is your eCommerce website underperforming? Not getting the sales you desired? You may not realize the role that eCommerce marketing has in your eCommerce website.

You can put together a great eCommerce website with the best features and design, but it takes a good marketing strategy to make it truly successful.

Here are some eCommerce marketing tips to help you increase sales through your eCommerce store.

Create and Grow an Email List – Chances are you will not convert a visitor to your website on their first visit, so you need to turn them into a return visitor. One way to do that is to get them to subscribe to an email list. Against the organic reach of social media, email marketing crushes the competition in average open rate and click-through rate and 66 percent of customers make a purchase as a direct result of email marketing. To get more subscribers to grow your email list, make sure that the sign-up is located in the right places or request emails on pop-ups, live chat and checkout.

Upsell and Cross-Sell Products – Upselling a product means promoting a product that is essentially the same as what the customer is already looking at, just with more features and at a higher cost. Cross-selling is a completely different strategy where an item similar to the one being purchased is being offered. For example, if a customer is purchasing a camera body, you may offer a lens as well. Amazon employs both strategies effectively.

Behavior-Targeted Emails – Behavior-triggered emails are designed and sent based on certain behaviors. Behavior-triggered emails are responsible for 75 percent of revenue generated through email marketing, but only 20 percent of marketers use behavior triggers in their email marketing, making this a very unique way to approach email marketing. You can design and send emails depending on which emails were opened previously, links clicked, pages visited, products purchased and more.

More Reviews on Products – Consider your own shopping experience on this one. How often are you making a purchase online, but before you complete the purchase, you check a couple reviews on the product? Reviews are essential to completing conversions. A simple way to get more reviews on your products or business is to simply ask for them. Reach out with an email to a customer within 24 hours of a product being delivered and request a review. It may sound like a difficult task to build up a heavy response, but keep in mind that reviews can increase eCommerce sales by an average of 18 percent.

Content Personalization – People want to visit a website and see products that are relevant to them specifically. That makes content personalization very important in the eCommerce world. Two specific areas where customers want to see this type of personalization is in shipping information and product recommendations. Make recommendations based on behavior, such as the most recently viewed products or previous purchases or use real-time data, such as location or time, to make a special offer to a potential customer.

Loyalty Programs – Once you have convinced a customer to purchase once, your goal is to keep them as a committed customer. A great way to reward repeat customers is through a loyalty program. Reward customers with points that they can use to get free products or special discounts and access as dedicated customers.

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