Unless you are a tech expert, when starting an eCommerce business you are probably going to hire a professional eCommerce development company. To make sure you choose the best option, you should do some research and make sure the company can deliver the features you need to effectively run your business in the long-term.

It isn’t always a great idea to hire freelancers if you have the funds to hire a company that specializes in eCommerce. You want a company that will be available at all times to help with running your website, which is something a freelancer can’t always provide.

To find a solution that is right for you, read this guide on how to hire an eCommerce developer that will fit your business needs properly.

Qualifications of a Professional eCommerce Development Company

Past eCommerce Projects

It is important to know the past projects the company has worked on. Make sure to ask them about their portfolio. Take a look at the work they have done and see if it meets the level of quality you are looking for. Also make sure there are references available for each site featured in their portfolio.

Don’t be afraid to contact references and ask questions. Also make sure to ask what type of eCommerce technologies the development company uses. Find out if the proposed project will require any special or proprietary technologies, as this could limit who can service the site in the future. Make sure the company is flexible in regards to re-designing and re-development. You should choose a company that is flexible in making changes in both the design and the content.

Emphasis on Scalability

One of the main qualifications to consider when choosing an eCommerce development company is scalability. If your business grows and your application is unresponsive or slow, this can drive customers away and really put a damper on your eCommerce sales.

As your website grows in popularity, user traffic will put additional strains on the application. You need to make sure it can be scaled with minimal effort so you can avoid additional infrastructure management costs.

You want to look at things like the peak number of visitors the site can support, the average number of page visits per visitor, the number of transactions on your site, the size of your product catalog, including the number of categories, the average response time of the home page and other pages, and the software and hardware required to handle the expected volumes.


The Search Function

The search box is an essential tool for every eCommerce site. Your customers expect that the search bar will guide them to the product they are looking for, so the search experience will greatly influence the traffic to your website.

You also want to make sure users can find your products externally through other search engines like Google or Bing through proper eCommerce SEO techniques.

The search function should be capable of learning your customers’ preferences based on their searches, that it properly directs customers to the product they are looking for, and that customers can search based on product attributes.

When choosing a company, make sure they have the proper expertise in developing the search function and providing similar custom solutions for better user-experience. Shopify has some in-depth examples and guidelines for what to do and what to avoid:


Data Analysis

Analyzing data is pertinent for the success of an eCommerce business, so in thinking about how to hire an eCommerce development company, you want to make sure they provide plenty of options for data analysis, especially in terms of audience information that can be used for retargeting and advanced marketing strategies. Here at Genius eCommerce for instance, we provide store owners with an incredible amount of audience data in our eCommerce PPC campaigns that can be used to improve your store. 

Ensure the agency in question can provide you the ability to merge non-web data with web data to get you an encompassing view of your business, and integrate tools that will allow you to make sound business decisions using this data. Training and support should be provided by their team to help you learn how to make changes to your business and website based on your customers’ searches.

Integrations and Improved Functionality For Your Store

It is very important when you hire an eCommerce agency to make sure they can provide you with suitable integrations for your website.

Streamlined and simple integration of applications with the systems you will use to run your eCommerce business are a must-have; your eCommerce development company should allow for the integration between systems that will control different aspects like prices, financial reporting, the product catalog, and more. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future if you choose a developer with proper integration expertise.


Choose the eCommerce Solution That is Right For You

Each eCommerce developer is going to have unique experience and a particular niche they work in. When finding the agency that is right for you, make a comprehensive list of what exactly your business will require to properly run. 

You’re in it for the long run, so it is best to hire the right development company from the very beginning. You want a long-term partner, and you will thank yourself later.

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