Right now, there is no better way to attract dedicated customers to your business than with eCommerce SEO. The reason for this is simple: search engine optimization is built around the idea of tailoring your website to meet the exact needs of your users.

In the case of an eCommerce storefront, those users are potential customers who are searching for specific solutions to their problems. If you can deliver that solution efficiently and with a high degree of quality, not only will Google reward you with higher search rankings, those users will keep coming back for more.

At its core, eCommerce SEO is about making a connection between your products and the people who might need them most. If you are able to optimize your website properly, your products will reach more potential customers and the more your website meets their needs, the greater the likelihood that you will get their repeat business.

The Makings of a Customer Base

How is a traditional customer base formed? In most cases, through consistency and quality. Your customers are looking for a certain level of quality that meets their needs, and they want to be able to have a reliable means of obtaining this quality whenever they need it. You attach great branding to this concept and you have the basic ingredients for a successful business.

The only thing that changes online is your method of communicating with your customers and customer acquisition. Search engines have revolutionized the way we connect with brands and purchase their products. All you have to do is ask a question into Google and the search engine will provide you with the best answer to your question based on numerous highly specific factors.

Through eCommerce SEO, you are able to tell Google that your products are worth viewing and buying and that they deserve to be at the top of the rankings. If this is true, Google will continuously serve your product listings to the users who need them, which in turn creates a digital customer base that trusts you and is willing to invest in your brand.

This is how you create a customer base in the digital age. By fine-tuning your product listings and designing a powerful and efficient website that attracts the right users and converts them to customers by addressing their needs without hassle.

Investing in eCommerce SEO for your Business

If you want to bridge that gap and connect your products with your customers, you need to look into proper SEO tactics that will make it happen. Just as with brick and mortar marketing and outreach, great customer relationships don’t simply happen on their own or fall out of the sky. They are meticulously cultivated.

The same holds true when you are running a digital storefront through platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce. You still have to lay the groundwork that builds a thriving customer base by optimizing your website to meet today’s rigorous search engine requirements, something that doesn’t happen by accident.

When approaching SEO for your eCommerce business, you want to deep dive into the needs of your potential customers. It is their questions and issues that will ultimately draw them to your product listings. A user won’t always search for a specific product by name, especially one from a particular brand. In most cases, products are found when users are looking for answers to problems they have. It is here that you have to learn to think differently about business if you want to succeed.

Addressing the needs of your potential customers is vitally important if you want your business to excel. SEO is the process that not only includes addressing those needs but also letting Google and the other search engines know that you have succeeded in doing so. There are several ranking signals that Google looks for in a website, and without them, your site will have a very slim chance of ranking for anything.

This is why it’s crucial to invest in eCommerce SEO if you want to really make that connection between customer and product. In today’s age of high volume online sales, competition is fierce. Search engines are constantly fine-tuning their algorithms in order to pick only the best of the best to rank on page one. Without utilizing proper SEO conventions, implemented by a professional team of SEO experts, there’s very little chance that you will rank high, and this means you’re not likely to make that connection that will generate a loyal customer base for you.

Here at Genius eCommerce, we specialize in helping businesses connect with their ideal customers by implementing the best possible SEO practices. If you are interested in addressing the needs of your customers and ranking higher in Google to increase your traffic and sales, you can reach out to our team at 267-225-1946.