Developing a strong brand is one of the keys to success for any online business and will help you resonate with your users and build a loyal following. One of the ways in which brands are recognized is through their presence in the SERPs, which means that if you really want yours to stand out, you need to think about how you approach eCommerce SEO.

There are several ways that you can tackle the subject of crafting a powerful brand online, whether it’s through engaging emails, influencer marketing on social media, or even word of mouth generated from incredible products. What you may not realize however is just how important SEO is for instilling trust in your users as well as supplementing your other branding efforts.

eCommerce SEO Will Get You Noticed

Imagine how much recognition you would receive if every time a user were to search for a specific product, it was your website and brand that would pop up on the first page of the search results. This is the power of eCommerce SEO in a nutshell: if properly implemented, it can solidify your business in the minds of your audience over time.

There is certainly something to be said for viral social media posts and carefully worded email campaigns, but many of these efforts rely on an already established brand presence to be truly effective. To really stand out, you want to dominate the search results for a variety of different products you specialize in or keywords that are important to your industry. Nothing says brand recognition quite like taking those top spots in Google.

By working on your SEO, you will gain recognition simply because users will constantly be running into your brand and website whether they intend to or not. Appearing high in the search engine results pages is one of the most powerful authority indicators for your online store and will do more to help build your brand than just about anything else. You can have thousands of followers on social media or a robust email list and still not come close to achieving the kind of traction you can get from simply a few solid page one rankings.

Developing Your SEO Strategy For Best Results

Your eCommerce SEO efforts should focus on user experience, which is one of the key metrics Google now uses to determine how to rank a site. If your website is catering to your users, it will reduce your bounce rate, increase conversions, and send all the right signs to Google that your website is professionally optimized.

As far as branding is concerned, your users will connect with your website better if it actually meets their needs. You want to make sure you are publishing informative blog posts that will help your customers make better purchasing decisions, intuitive navigation that guides users to the products they are looking for, and a high-quality checkout experience that isn’t complicated or obscure.

The more your website looks and feels like a professional outlet, the better chance you have of pleasing your customers as well as the search engines. As long as you focus on crafting an engaging and valuable experience and utilize the proper SEO conventions, you will build the kind of foundation that will strengthen your brand and put your business on the map.

Developing a potent SEO strategy is somewhat easier said than done, however. A comprehensive SEO campaign requires a high degree of technical skill and understanding when it comes to meeting the expectations of your users. Performing proper keyword research, fixing broken links, increasing site speed through meticulous optimizations, and building backlinks is an involved process that can rarely be properly addressed without the help of an expert agency that specializes in ranking eCommerce websites.

If you are concerned about your brand and believe you aren’t communicating well enough with your audience, it’s probably because your website lacks that punch that comes from high rankings. Your brand would resonate with more of your users if your website had more authority, and the only way to correct this issue is through an in-depth SEO strategy executed by an agency that knows exactly what it takes to succeed online.

Here at Genius eCommerce®, we pride ourselves in being able to help online stores build a powerful brand image by ranking higher in the search results. Through careful attention to what their users need, we are able to build customized eCommerce SEO campaigns that bring in loads of organic traffic.

Your users are looking for trust signals, authority, and an optimized experience when they visit your website. Let our SEO experts audit your website for free and walk you through the steps on how you can begin to construct a brand that is recognized as a true leader in your industry.