There are dozens of different ways to promote your online store, but not every marketing tip and tactic may be right for your business. In fact, you could be sinking a ton of time and money into avenues of eCommerce marketing that simply won’t get you the kind of results you are looking for.

If you are looking for ways to bring in more traffic to your website and ultimately get more sales, you need to understand how to easily market your eCommerce store the right way so that you aren’t just spinning your wheels or spreading yourself too thin with a bunch of unreliable or unplanned tactics.

Here are just some of the benefits of properly promoting your online store:

  • A greater volume of organic traffic
  • Better targeted traffic that is more liable to make a purchase
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Increases customer trust
  • Create more potential leads
  • More affiliate and cross-promotional opportunities
  • Makes your business more flexible
  • Enables you to potentially increase sales
  • Generates more repeat customers

The direct and residual effects of properly implementing an eCommerce marketing campaign can be quite beneficial for your business. This guide will help you cut away some of the fluff tactics and key in on the most effective strategies that you can use to get great results.

Why eCommerce SEO is a Smart Marketing Investment

The first marketing avenue you should consider pursuing is search engine optimization. I know what you may be thinking in terms of SEO, isn’t this a very long-term strategy, and does it actually work?

The truth is, eCommerce SEO has become extremely complex, requiring dozens of different on-page tweaks, content enhancements, backlinking tactics, and in-depth keyword research in order to prove worthwhile. No matter which platform you are on, whether it is open source like WordPress or Magento, or a feature-rich enterprise option such as Shopify Plus or BigCommerce, there’s no way to succeed with SEO without a professional strategy in place.

However, if properly implemented, SEO can be extremely beneficial for your online store in numerous ways. The most obvious result is noticeable increases in organic traffic, but there are many important side effects of an SEO campaign that are worth considering as well and can be just as useful in terms of building a successful eCommerce business.

Brand recognition and promotional opportunities come to mind. If your website frequently appears in the top results for keywords related to your industry, it will only be a matter of time before marketers and influencers in your niche reach out to you with opportunities and partnerships. You will also help to grow your customer base because even if a user isn’t planning on making a purchase right away, if your website can help answer their questions or provide some kind of value, that might be enough to hook them and keep your business on their mind.

How a Professional PPC Campaign Can Quickly Transform Your Business

If you are interested in an eCommerce marketing plan with a somewhat quicker turnaround, pay-per-click advertising or social media marketing may be more suited for your tastes. In capable hands, this form of store promotion can bring in loads of traffic, potentially increasing your sales and also helping you to build a following as well.

eCommerce PPC Effective

If you want to see a quick and effective turnaround, eCommerce PPC is one of the best marketing tactics to pursue.

The main draw of eCommerce PPC is its ability to immediately connect with potential customers and potentially see results in a matter of days. While this requires a great deal of initial research into the proper keywords to target, as well as professionally-crafted ads to make that connection and spark interest in the users, once a campaign is underway it can generate a fast turnaround and immediately start helping to increase revenue and brand appeal for your business.

If you have a Shopify store, BigCommerce boutique, small WooCommerce shop, or if you manage a massive Magento operation, focusing on SEO and PPC for your eCommerce business will help you reduce clutter and streamline your marketing efforts. There are certainly other ways of promoting your store, such as through email lists and your organic followings on social media, but these methods often require a lot of trial and error and don’t produce nearly as consistent of results.

Here are a few points to keep in mind with marketing for eCommerce:

  • You want to keep your marketing efforts data-driven.
  • SEO is widely considered to have the greatest ROI of any form of digital marketing.
  • Shiny-Object syndrome is very real. You don’t want to keep jumping from one tactic to another in the hopes that something will magically work. Stick with one proven method over a longer period of time to see results.
  • You can waste a lot of time and money on methods that either won’t produce the results you are looking for or can’t until you establish a greater customer base or a stronger brand overall.

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