Because Google does not make public its algorithms, there are no hard and fast rules in the digital marketing industry. WordPress SEO experts can follow Google’s SEO recommendations and guidelines, but outside of Google’s inner circle, nobody really knows for sure what goes on in their algorithm.

Non-SEO marketing methods can now help generate leads and bring in sales to your company, but SEO remains a relevant marketing strategy today.

In other words, SEO is not dead. PPC and social media marketing are on the rise, but that only shows that SEO is changing to a discovery engine that includes both paid and organic listings.

SEO is still the most sustainable way for companies to acquire new customers and ignoring it can spell doom for your campaign and business—and this is true not just for service-related industries.

If you’re in the eCommerce industry and using WordPress Content Management System as your eCommerce platform, using SEO can help your brand stand out and boost its revenues.

You can read this article we wrote about SEO for WordPress to get the most out of SEO for your WordPress site, but let’s look at the facts first, on why in this day and age, you still need SEO experts.


SEO and PPC Work Together

Running a PPC campaign without SEO is like baking a cake without flour that gives it its structure and binds all the ingredients together. You can’t run an effective PPC campaign without keyword research: an important SEO ingredient.

It’s possible for a PPC campaign to run without touching SEO but a sophisticated marketing strategy uses both. SEO and PPC are both vital components of an online campaign and when used together can create a cohesive marketing campaign that can boost growth in any business.

Combining paid and organic strategies can improve performance for both. The SEO quality of the landing or product page, as well as the keywords customers used to find them, for example, can have an impact on a PPC campaign performance.

SEO and PPC share many of the same principles and when used in combination can produce remarkable outcomes.


SEO Provides Consistent, Long-Term Results

When you need immediate results, PPC can certainly deliver. In fact, because your ads will be displayed in front of millions of people, you may count down the minutes until visitors flood your pages. The flow of traffic will be nearly instantaneous. The results, however, will be short-lived.

Not so with SEO. SEO is, strictly speaking, not a technique but a long-term process that also produces long-term results.

With SEO, you won’t get instant visitors like you would with PPC. Your website won’t get to the top of search engines overnight. It will take time to climb to the top of the SERPs.

However, once your website starts ranking with your SEO efforts, you will see consistent traffic. As a matter of fact, you will stay on the top for a long time and enjoy long-term rewards if you maintain your SEO strategy and align everything you do with what’s considered SEO best practices.

Plus, if you get WordPress SEO services or hire a WordPress SEO expert, you can even improve your results, boost your organic traffic, and expand your business.

You can use PPC when you need instant and heavy traffic, but unless you have money to burn on ads every time the traffic goes down, the most cost-effective way to sustain that traffic is through SEO.

People Use Google as a Discovery Engine

WordPress Experts

Google dominates the global search engine market share. In late 2021, Google’s market share was above 86 percent. This shows that people still use Google and prefer it as their main search engine for research and discovery.

Even in the eCommerce industry, where online buyers prefer Amazon as their primary search engine, millions of people still start new product searches on Google every day.

What this means is that even when people end up buying on Amazon, the search for products begins first on Google. You can use SEO to take advantage of this through optimized content.

This is how most companies capture their audience. Remember when the Internet was big on the “Content is king” message? Today, content is still king, and it probably always will be.

Companies today use educational-based materials to get their target market to click through and then use that content to sell to them. By offering relevant and helpful content to your market, you can increase your click-through rates, drive traffic to your site, and improve conversions.

SEO Can Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is often the first step in achieving marketing objectives such as leads and sales. You can increase brand awareness through SEO and if you can build brand awareness, you’ll have a definite advantage in converting customers and dominating your market.

Your target market can become familiar with your brand if you’re ranking high on Google—one of SEO’s many functions. However, ranking on Google is moot if you’re not leaving a very good impression with your clients.

At the core of building your brand and improving customer perception is customer experience. Needless to say, that brings us back to SEO. SEO influences different aspects of user experience.

If your website provides high-quality and helpful content, is easy to navigate, has an appealing web design, or uses appropriate WordPress themes, your users will feel good about your brand.

How your customers perceive you should be part and parcel of the brand awareness you want to build for your business, and again, SEO can help you with this.


SEO Is Not Dead. It’s Just Evolving.

Despite what others would have you believe, SEO is not dead. The truth is the old ways of doing SEO no longer have the desired impact as Google becomes more intelligent. And this is the biggest reason why you need SEO consultants for your business.

Google’s algorithm and SEO are always changing, and if you don’t change along with them, your business will soon grow irrelevant.

We can help. We’ll help you get your business to where you want it to go and we’ll help you make sure your SEO is working. We have WordPress SEO experts to help you with your SEO challenges and make sure your business stays dynamic as SEO itself. Get in touch with us today.