Great writing is about standing out from the competition. In order to effectively get your message across and convince people to support your business and purchase your products, you need to have great content.

Writing new content can be easy, but making it stand out above the rest is the real challenge. Any writing or other content for your website should be easily identifiable and relatable to your customers so that they can connect with you on a personal level, all while being high quality and improving your rank with search engines.

How do you avoid writing content that may become boring or bland to your visitors or customer base? At Genius eCommerce, we are here to help with tips on effective content marketing. This is who we are and what we do at Genius eCommerce, keeping you informed on ways to improve your practices to be effective with your digital marketing.

Today, we will look at some tips that will improve your content writing and help it to be different from your competition.

Make It About The Customer – The tendency in your writing will be to write about yourself or the business. When it comes to effective written content, the customer is the hero of the story. Bring them into the picture and the story of the brand so that they can feel like they play a key part, which they do. This helps the customer see what is important within your business and engage with them instead of it just being a long self-written testimonial.

More Than Keywords – You content strategy cannot be based on keywords alone. In addition to looking at the keyword research, you have to see the analytics through your content strategy and determine from there the keywords that most effectively engage and interest your audience.

Separate from the Crowd – In creating content, there are some topics that you will have to write about because they are such an integral part of your business, even if the competition is using those, too. But to really stand out from your competition, look for the gaps in conversation and find the topics that aren’t being talked about as much. Remember to also provide a unique perspective to common topics and trends and stand out in your writing in that way too.

Learn from Your Past – No one is perfect when it comes to content creation. What helps businesses stand out in digital marketing, including content writing, is learning from the past and seeing what worked and what did not. By not learning from your past mistakes or topics and content that didn’t work, you only prolong the problems you are seeing. Make adjustments and learn from the mistakes to take a step forward in your marketing.

Consider Strategy – When it comes to a marketing strategy for SEO and content, you want to leave room for adjustments and additional editorial planning. Sure, there will be topics that cannot be avoided or certain keywords that remain constant in your campaign that need to be used as common topics for your content, but effective planning can help you break up the monotony and tap into a different theme that is still important to your audience. Always be willing to mix it up or get some outside perspective as well to create quality content throughout a campaign.

Were these tips helpful to you? Put them to use and start writing effective and quality website content that sets you above the competition.

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