Many businesses start PPC campaigns looking for a quick way to get effective marketing for their business. But getting improved rankings and having a successful campaign is not as simple as putting more money into building results. For a PPC campaign to be successful, you need to have great landing pages.

At Genius eCommerce, we know the importance of links from your ads and your landing pages. Helping to improve eCommerce websites by providing tips on achieving more success in eCommerce is what we do.

Today, let me give you a few tips on things you can do to make your landing pages great and things you should avoid when creating these pages:


  • Align Your Headline, Offer, and CTA – Every PPC landing page is going to have a headline, an offer, and a call to action prompting the customer to click and convert. In order to keep all of this in line and focused on one objective, your copy is everything. Put the focus on the customer instead of the business. People love to make that kind of connection with a business and feel as if the information was meant specifically for them. Emphasize the return the customer will get for taking action and what the outcome will be. Keep it simple, too. You don’t need to get too wordy or go over the top with the words you write to connect with a customer. Simple is always better in this case.

  • Give It a Good Design – Design goes hand in hand with copy, so you want to let the two blend together. Your design and images should go with the copy and support it. You need to include pictures that show exactly what it is you are selling or go with the offer you are featuring. Everything needs to be relevant or people are just going to click away and forget about you in an instant. The design and images of a landing page are where you can make an impact and connect with the customer.

  • Include a Video – Have you ever bought a product like an electronic device or a kitchen appliance and wanted to see what it could do before making your purchase? A lot of people want to see something before they buy it. In eCommerce, you obviously don’t get the tangible quality of being able to hold the product, but you can still see it in action in a video. There are many different types of videos you can create to showcase a product, such as a how-to on setup or usage or just a feature video on a product that is hard to describe.

  • Add Testimonials – When you make a purchase, how likely are you to read a review before you complete it? It seems like common practice to read the reviews on a product or service before making a conversion. The reason for this is because it establishes a trust. You wouldn’t hire a plumber or roofer if you didn’t trust them to make the right repairs to your home, so why would you purchase a product from someone you don’t trust? You don’t need to go overboard with the reviews, but placing one or two positive reviews on a landing page can be enough to sway a potential customer to complete a purchase.


  • Don’t Make the Landing Page Do Multiple Jobs – The goal of having someone click from a PPC ad to a landing page is to get them to convert. Too often, people try to get too much out of a landing page before reaching the conversion. The focus should solely be on getting them to achieve the conversion task, so don’t pile on with more objectives on one landing page like reading your latest blog post or information on how to contact you.

  • Limit Distractions – If you want to achieve the singular task, don’t give the customer the temptation to browse. If there are buttons to other links on the site or other sites to make matters worse, you’re inviting the customer to click away from your website without achieving a conversion. So, don’t even allow them to be tempted and keep distractions in navigation bars, footers, and side bars to an extreme minimum.

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