You may have read over the last year or so that organic SEO is dying. Truth be told, there was a small downward trend in organic search, but that hardly means SEO is dying.

Google is the home of organic search, and as long as Google Ads continues to drive revenue, organic search will always be relevant because it is so easy to search for anything and everything through Google. As long as Google has a purpose, there will be room for organic search.

With that in mind, there are certain trends that will aid in the growth of organic search. At Genius eCommerce, this is who we are and what we do, staying ahead on the eCommerce trends that will help you achieve success so you can stay in the know. These trends listed below can make organic search a more likely traffic source and increase organic traffic instead of decreasing it.

Mobile – Google has started to rank mobile results first. This is because so many people conduct daily business, activities, and searches on their mobile devices. With more people searching on mobile devices, but the use of desktop still holding importance, searches are only going to increase.

Google Page Design – In the past, Google was more of an information engine before becoming more of a search engine. Now, it’s an answer engine. As the way people search has evolved, Google has also evolved, working on improving the search page design so that it is more mobile friendly for people who search on their mobile devices.

Google organic search

Voice – Voice search can be two different things. This is if your device has a voice option, like Siri or Google Assistant or voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo. Both have different functions with search engines because they are used differently. Your device becomes a part of you, so it can be a voice search device because it doesn’t require you to manually use your fingers to type out a search query. This is where a lot of long-tail search terms come from. After all, we are likely not telling our device to search for coffee, we are asking it where the nearest coffee shop is? It produces more specific results for a specific query. Voice Assistants are very different because they don’t do direct searches, but they can be a valuable eCommerce tool. Voice commerce sales were at $1.8 billion in the US in 2017. By 2022, that figure is projected to reach $40 billion. It is a similar growth projection to when smartphones were released and started to become a trend.

Devices – The reason for the increase in voice search and mobile reliance is because there are more devices out there than ever before. Google projects that one billion devices will include voice assistant by the end of this month and Amazon reported sales of 100 million voice assistants this holiday season. Between household assistants and voice search on mobile devices, almost every home in the US has a form of voice search and voice assistant at their disposal. The more devices that we have, whether for traditional searches like a desktop or mobile and voice searches from portable devices, the more active organic search will be.

SEO is not dying, it’s evolving. It’s evolving to new devices and new methods that we are using to get search results and to gather information, and as long as the evolution continues, the need for organic search will continue to be around.

For more trends relating to SEO and other eCommerce methods, continue to read the Genius eCommerce blog. This is who we are and what we do and we want to help you stay ahead in the eCommerce world.