What is PPC management and why does your eCommerce business need it? To put it simply, running effective ads that actually build brand awareness and generate revenue is not a simple task. To get the best results with your digital marketing, you need a qualified eCommerce PPC company that has decades of collective experience when it comes to advertising online.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors to watch for when shopping around for a suitable marketing agency to help you manage your ad campaigns.

Knowledgable in Different Platforms

The success of any eCommerce marketing campaign will often hinge on how well a strategy lines up with a particular platform. The general functionality of platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify share many similarities but each has different back-end interfaces and quirks that separate them.

If your team isn’t knowledgeable about your specific platform, this can hinder everything from the installation of Google Analytics tracking codes and Facebook Pixels, to simple on-page content changes. Before hiring a PPC management company, you want to look at their past work and make sure that they have extensive experience with all of the major eCommerce platforms.

Skilled in Other Areas of Digital Marketing

Another key aspect of a professional PPC company will be their expertise in other areas of digital marketing. Sure, a self-styled “ad agency” may be able to provide adequate services, but as soon as you want to start improving your SEO or branching out into social media or email marketing, an agency like this may falter.

Ideally, you want all of your digital marketing services housed under one roof. This way, your campaigns will be synthesized and will feed off of each other. Each area of your digital marketing will be connected, sharing important data points. You will also be able to form a more holistic strategy that actually grows your brand instead of working through the lens of one singular goal.

There are many agencies that offer simple “ad services,” but often these are lacking in vision and scope. You want an agency that not only provides robust PPC services, but comprehensive SEO services and other important areas of digital marketing as well. This will give you the best chance at succeeding, especially in tough niches.

PPC Sales Numbers

Sales are definitely important, but a skilled PPC agency will be able to build a strategy that encompasses so much more.

Focus on More Than Just Sales

Getting more sales is one of the obvious and most sought-after goals of any PPC campaign, but they aren’t everything. This short-sighted approach may garner results, but in order to get to that next level, you will need to put together a larger strategy that prioritizes long-term growth and brand-building.

The PPC company you select should be adept at creating in-depth marketing plans that are focused on getting more than just traffic and sales. More revenue is always a good thing in eCommerce, but you should be concerned about the big picture if you want your business to thrive.

A skilled eCommerce marketing team will be able to work with you to map out a broader gameplan that will encompass brand appeal, website functionality, shopper satisfaction, page one search results for important keywords, growing your email list, and more. Even if you are primarily concerned with pay-per-click advertising services, you can still accomplish many of these goals using such tactics, if your marketing team is knowledgeable about what they are doing, that is.

Will Provide a Complete Strategy

Continuing on the sentiment of targeting broader goals, one of the most important factors in determining your agency of choice should be their ability to build out a complete and robust strategy for your business.

Marketing should not be so shallow that all it takes into account is mere traffic and sales. While important, these metrics come and go. New competition, changes in Google algorithms and various shifts in the eCommerce landscape can all have a negative impact on your traffic and sales in the short term. However, a strong brand and a dedicated follower base will carry your business through tough times and help give you a powerful foundation that will actually enable you to grow.

Look for forward-thinking marketing agencies that are strategy-orientated and are concerned with more than just vanity metrics. This way you know you are in good hands, because long-term growth and success will be baked into the PPC services you receive.

The Ideal PPC Company For eCommerce Marketing

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