There are hundreds of options out there to market your products, but few platforms offer as much visibility and authority as Amazon. Despite the competition, it’s more effective than ever to sell and advertise on Amazon, granted you know how to properly optimize your campaigns.

For anyone looking to increase their revenue and improve their eCommerce business as easily as possible, the following Amazon PPC tips will put you on track for more traffic and sales than ever before.

Amazon is Still a Powerful Advertising Platform in 2021

Whether you only dabble a little on Amazon while doing the bulk of your sales on a dedicated eCommerce website of your own, or if you are all in on Amazon and rely on this platform for the majority of your sales, you need a smart PPC marketing strategy.

It can be tempting to create a bunch of unorganized ad campaigns as quickly as possible in order to push traffic to your products and get potential sales, but this isn’t an effective way of generating reliable revenue. One of the issues with pay-per-click advertising is that there in an incredible amount of competition and if you don’t take the time to build a cohesive ad strategy, you’re simply not going to get a decent ROI.

For many eCommerce store owners, advertising on platforms like Amazon is rather costly and doesn’t provide a substantial return. This is mostly due to the fact that the campaigns aren’t optimized properly. You can have great products and a solid brand, but if your advertising is awkward, you’re not going to get many clicks and conversions.

Is Amazon still a great place to advertise? Yes, but you need to make sure you are using the right techniques in your Amazon PPC campaign, otherwise you could be wasting a ton of time and money for nothing.

Effective Advertising Platform

After all these years, Amazon has only grown in relevance. The past year has only made Amazon a more desirable option as more people than ever are shopping on this platform for just about everything. This presents massive opportunities if you are advertising on Amazon correctly.

Use These Effective Amazon PPC Tips

Amazon sellers have a variety of different tools at their disposal in order to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. Just like Google and other platforms, Amazon’s advertising options have evolved significantly over the years, which means that in order to outbid and outsmart the competition, you need to be using as many of these features as possible.

While you don’t need to become an Amazon guru just to manage a marketing campaign on the platform, it is well worth the effort to utilize the following PPC tips in your advertising strategy. This will help to boost the overall effectiveness of your campaigns and simply make advertising on the platform that much more effective.

Optimize Your Products

The first and possibly the most important tip you want to follow when improving your Amazon PPC is to make sure that your product pages are fully optimized and that they actually provide in-depth information for shoppers.

One of the worst things you can do as an Amazon seller is to send traffic to unoptimized product pages.

What does an unoptimized page look like? Thin product descriptions, a lack of proper keywords, little to no important product data, no tips for using the product, few images or low-resolution images, no product videos or other resources.

On Amazon, shoppers are looking to buy from trustworthy brands that are transparent and that offer a clear value proposition. The days of one-line product descriptions and 2 semi-blurry product images are long gone. Each one of your product pages that you are sending ad traffic to absolutely must be optimized and look the part.

Here are a few points to consider when optimizing your products on Amazon:

  • Do the necessary keyword research for your products, and be sure to include those keywords in the product description and in the title if it makes sense.
  • Don’t keyword stuff.
  • Use long-tail keywords whenever possible, which will help your products get found in the search engines and which will also help to bring in more qualified traffic organically.
  • Make sure your images are high quality.
  • Including a video with helpful tips on how to use your product or what your products look like in greater detail are always welcome.
  • Provide as much information as possible that you think your shoppers will want to know. On Amazon, the more in-depth information you provide, the better.
  • Be mindful of your text formatting. Don’t bunch everything into one paragraph. Instead, use bullets and other ways to separate the text and make it more readable.

The bottom line is that you want to make your products as appealing as possible for potential customers. When users click on your ads, you should leave no doubt in their mind that they are looking at the real deal.

Organize Your Campaigns

Another way you can increase the effectiveness of your Amazon PPC campaigns is to properly organize your campaigns. Are you using the right keywords to target the right products? Are you taking full advantage of negative keywords in your campaigns?

Also, for the sake of your branding and to minimize confusion both on your end and on the user’s end, be consistent when creating your campaigns. Your product titles and descriptions should look similar, as should the look of your ads. It can help to create campaigns around specific product categories or brands, that way you can plan out your keywords better as well.

Work on Your Ad Sets

After a while, the amount of ad sets you have is bound to get unwieldy, which can make your entire campaign less effective. Whether due to overlapping products and categories or simple inefficiency, you want to work on consolidating your ad sets and making sure each of them has a distinct purpose.

Better Ad Sets

Better ad sets mean a better chance at drawing in more customers. Always pay attention to the way you are structuring your ads.

Pay Close Attention to Your Keywords

While doing the necessary keyword research for your product descriptions is a given, you also want to make sure that the actual search terms that you are targeting for your ad are carefully selected as well. This is a make or break area for many PPC campaigns, and one reason why it’s often a smart idea to hire a capable Amazon PPC agency that is experienced when it comes to selecting the right keywords based on prior experience and collected industry data.

For instance, a slight variation of a keyword you are using could have somewhat better intent for your specific product, yet much lower competition as well. The result of using such a keyword would be a lower CPC and likely higher conversion rates as well. As a part of your overarching Amazon marketing strategy, you want to be well aware of the buying intent behind certain keywords, and whether or not the ones you have selected actually refer to your products.

Remember, Amazon wants to match user search queries with the product that best matches their needs. If users click on your ad but then don’t buy or quickly click off, it will signal to Amazon that something doesn’t line up, and you will get outbid. Optimizing your keywords is a must if you intend on running a successful PPC campaign.

Collect and Use Data to Improve the PPC Campaign

One of the best reasons to use platforms like Amazon in order to sell your products is because of all of the data that these platforms provide. By running an ad campaign on Amazon, you will begin to collect a treasure trove of data that can then be used to perfect the campaign over time.

If you aren’t collecting and using the data your campaign provides, you aren’t running an effective campaign. It’s as simple as that.

One of the keys to success with digital marketing is knowing how to leverage data. The information you collect about buyer behavior will help you optimize your entire campaign structure, and will lead to a far better use of your ad spend. The more data you collect, the better you can get an idea as to what you need to do moving forward, which will result in the best possible results.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Automation

If you are just starting out and don’t have much data to go on, or if you are simply trying to split test or get a feel for a certain market, you might want to take advantage of Amazon’s auto campaign functionality.

Amazon has a variety of options for running campaigns essentially on autopilot, based on keywords the platform thinks are most relevant for your product. This can actually be a great way to discover valuable keywords and other information that can help you run your own manual campaigns more effectively. One of the other major benefits of running an automatic campaign is simply that it will save you an incredible amount of time. While these aren’t necessarily the best for generating the best possible ROI, if you are a smaller-sized company and don’t have time to perform extensive keyword research or play around with setting bids and other elements of campaign management, this is certainly an avenue to pursue.

Get More From Your Amazon PPC

Now that you have reviewed these Amazon PPC tips, you probably want to get started with optimizing your campaigns. The only trouble is that implementing all of these digital marketing tactics is still no easy feat, even for an experienced Amazon marketer.

From performing extensive keyword research to updating all of your product listings so that they appear polished and professional, it can take a while to do what is necessary in order to improve a pay-per-click advertising campaign on Amazon. Even if you manage to perform some of these tips yourself, you may not be completely confident in your ability to uncover the best keywords or utilize them within the scope of a campaign in order to get decent results.

Another issue is making sense of all of the data that is being collected. Just because you are acquiring data on user behavior and which of your products is doing the best, doesn’t mean you actually know how to make use of this data and translate it into a workable format that improves the performance of your PPC campaigns.

This is why a skilled eCommerce PPC company specializing in platforms like Amazon may be the best way to go if you want to improve your ROI and grow your business. For instance, here at Genius eCommerce we can help you run a more effective campaign in numerous ways. From helping to overhaul your product pages to improving the quality of your ad copy, we know how to get incredible results for businesses.

We understand that most store owners don’t have time to be fiddling around in Amazon all day, trying to figure out what keywords to target or whether or not to increase ad spend or not. This is not efficient digital marketing, and will only result in frustration.
Rather than try and forge ahead on your own, we can help you put together a masterful Amazon PPC strategy that will actually yield great results. Our team of PPC experts will help you weed out under-performing keywords, take advantage of all of the latest Amazon trends, and outbid the competition through ingenious use of keywords, targeting, and product page optimizations.

For eCommerce businesses trying to find their way in a crowded industry, while trying to stay within budget and actually grow, Genius eCommerce has the knowledge and the skill to meet your needs. From eCommerce PPC consulting to full-sized marketing campaigns for Amazon, Google, Facebook, and all the other major advertising platforms, we know how to get businesses noticed and drive revenue with proven techniques.

If you are on Amazon and are having trouble with your PPC ads, it’s time to get in touch with a team of eCommerce marketing professionals. In no time at all, our team of skilled marketers can enhance your campaign, with sophisticated strategies that will save you valuable time and money, and which will even help improve your brand. Ready to learn more? Give us a call at 888.982.8269 and ask for a free PPC audit for your business.