If you have done any search on link building in the past, you likely saw the same message throughout. Link building isn’t easy.

That’s certainly true and it doesn’t matter if you are a large corporation or a small business. Of course, small businesses are going to have even more difficulty establishing a great SEO plan and online presence.

You may not have the staff size to produce the amount of content it takes to start effective link building. You may not have a staffer who handles SEO and you may just think it is impossible for you to draw much attention as a small business to be linked by a well-known brand.

At Genius eCommerce, we have some tips on how you can get your link building game off the ground. With tips on all things eCommerce and in website design and development, this is who we are and what we do!

So, how can you improve your link building and make it effective as a small business? The first thing you will need is fairly obvious but important to remember nonetheless. It takes time, effort and patience to be effective with link building.

But, in addition to putting time and effort into your link building, there are a few things you can do to try to boost the effectiveness of your link building.

Support Your Community – With your target audience in mind, support a local charity or non-profit that your customers will care about. Sponsor a fundraiser. If you sponsor something that your customers can relate to and care about, you can increase traffic. This is something that will cost money, but it can also be a faster track than other link building efforts.

Connect with Local Bloggers – One of the best ways to build a brand or audience and aid your link building efforts is to work directly with some people who can assist. Connecting with local bloggers or bloggers who share the interest or niche are likely to share your website and blog posts, helping to create links and a natural relationship with more mentions coming over time. Be active in their own content, as well. At the beginning of the relationship, read their posts and see where you fit or if there are any ideas you can come up with where you can add value to their posts.

Write Guest Posts – Writing posts for other websites certainly takes more time and effort than others, but it can be worth the time. A guest post is essentially a way to directly get in front of your target audience, especially if the blog or website you are writing for has a strong following. You get qualified traffic out of it and actually being the name behind the post gives you more credibility and more of a voice for your brand.

Offer Case Studies and Testimonials – This can be one of the easiest ways to build links. If you use a product or service and are happy with the results, write a testimonial. Good publicity for a business is something they want to promote, so you are more likely to get acknowledgment from a testimonial or a share to build your following.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion – You are probably already writing blog posts or sharing posts for your small business. However, go beyond the simple share on social media. There are online blogs that allow for syndication like Medium or LinkedIn and help rank target keywords for you. In addition to sharing on social media, use online message boards to get your links out there.

Were these tips on link building helpful to you? Stay tuned for even more from the Genius eCommerce blog! We stay informed and provide tips to you so you can feel like an eCommerce expert. This is who we are and what we do!