B2B eCommerce can be more complex than B2C, especially when it comes to acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. The effort required by sales teams is much more intense for businesses.

Selling to new business obviously keeps things moving and improves your brand, it is the longevity of keeping existing customers that has a greater impact and should be the focus.

When it comes to tips for increasing your sales and keeping existing customers, many are the same, just applied differently based on the situation. Today, we will look at some of those tips and the way they can be applied for new customers and repeat customers.

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Customer Profiling – Creating customer profiles helps provide an understanding of the requirements and problem areas of a customer and help you deduct the cost of acquiring or retaining the customer. For new customers, you should create a profile that helps you identify the best target buyer persona. Identify technical or business needs and create messages that help solve these problems. For repeat customers, you are going to have better knowledge of the needs and problem areas. With that in mind, create a customer profile based on lifetime value and keep track of purchases and ongoing activity.

Personalization – B2B customers have higher expectations, so meeting them can require a lot of personalization. For new customers, use the customer profiles to segment based on requirements and purchase potential and use the information to offer relevant content and messaging based on preferences, industry and browsing history. For repeat customers, use the existing data to recommend more specific products at the right time.

Customer Service – It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a prospective new customer or repeat customers, providing quality customer service is always necessary. Use multiple channels to offer support, address concerns from customers, answer questions, provide product demos and make things easy for the customer in an effort to improve the relationship.

Trust Building – Branching off of customer service, remaining honest and transparent with customers can increase your credibility. For new customers, display positive reviews and testimonials, deliver products on time and make all policies easy to access. For repeat customers, take account of their feedback, act appropriately on negative reviews, be sensitive in protecting user data and always try to deliver a pleasant experience.

Incentives – Customers of all sorts love incentives, getting a little something that makes a sale more worth it to them. For new customers, offer a free trial or discount period, perhaps free shipping or installation. For repeat customers, provide incentives for them helping to promote your business through social media, testimonials and making repeat purchases.

Increasing customer engagement can help you bring in new customers and stay involved with repeat customers. All of this helps build up a trust, which can help take your business to new heights.

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