There are over 450 million websites built using WordPress, which is, according to some estimates, over 30% of the “entire internet,” and up to 60% of all content management systems. Not only is WordPress an immensely popular CMS, it is also open-source; the support community can only be described as massive.

Partially as a result of its popularity, WordPress is compatible with a number of tools and plugins that make it easier to use. There are plugins that do everything from auto-generating forms to capturing and displaying analytics to streamlining SEO procedures. Many of them are free.

Speaking of SEO, WordPress is compatible with some of the best SEO plugins on the market, which can help everyone from bloggers to entrepreneurs optimize their websites to generate better organic rankings and traffic. These are some of the best of them, which, together with WordPress SEO services, can help your online presence grow.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular and practical SEO plugins for WordPress. Yoast is free, easy to install, streamlines the optimization of ranking signals, and awards easy-to-understand page-by-page “SEO Scores,” evaluating each page either as red (bad), orange (average), or green (optimized).

Yoast SEO automatically creates an XML sitemap (an important technical SEO ranking signal) for your WordPress website and easily allows you to select target keywords for each page on a website. With it, you can also easily optimize meta titles, meta descriptions, and even URL slugs. It also gives you suggestions for how to format and optimize content for optimization and readability. It also seamlessly integrates with Google Search Console.

Easy to use and practical, Yoast SEO is a practical plugin for any WordPress site and can be used to give an added boost to any SEO strategy.

2. Rank Math

Rank Math, like Yoast SEO, is free. It is also a very popular WordPress SEO plugin that offers much of what Yoast does. With Rank Math, users can easily optimize metadata for their blog posts and generate an XML sitemap for the website. Rank Math also integrates seamlessly with Google Seach Console. However, Rank Math enables users to optimize for unlimited keywords.

The above draws make it seem like Rank Math offers a lot of what Yoast does, which is true, but what sets Rank Math apart is its ability to integrate a website with social media accounts. As social signals are becoming increasingly important for generating organic traffic (and as potential ranking signals themselves) the ability to manage SEO across all channels becomes more important. Social signals will only become more important and Rank Math’s ability to manage them centrally makes it a key WordPress SEO plugin.

3. SEO Press

SEO Press is another robust WordPress SEO plugin that is available in a free version, making it fairly popular among owners and administrators of WordPress websites.

Touted as an all-in-one solution, SEO Press creates breadcrumbs, schema markups, redirects, and sitemaps. It also has a broken link checker to help you keep your link structure optimized from one central system.

Like the other plugins mentioned here, SEO Press also makes optimization of titles and metadata easy. It also streamlines the management of meta bots. SEO Press creates XML and HTML Sitemaps, contains a content analyzer with unlimited keywords, and can improve social media management and sharing with Open Graph Tags.

4. SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is another plugin available in a free version. One of the unique features of this plugin is its “Website Silo Builder” that automatically generates nested categories and content to create a logical, sound website hierarchy that will benefit your SEO campaign. This plugin also makes it possible to add a multitude of internal links very easily and efficiently, improving your internal link structure.

SEO Ultimate also enables the creation of structured data and rich snippets from schema markups, improving UX and SEO in one move. For exceptionally large WordPress websites, SEO Ultimate features a Global Mass Editor that makes it possible to edit hundreds of pages and posts at once.

For WordPress website admins considering switching from another WordPress SEO plugin to SEO Ultimate, they’ll be happy to know that SEO Ultimate allows for the importation of data from other plugins and allows settings to be saved.

Installing Free WordPress SEO Plugins

Any of these WordPress SEO plugins can be easily installed into a WordPress website. From your WordPress Dashboard, simply click on “Plugins” and then “Add New.” Search for the plugin you wish to install and then click “Install Now” and “Activate.” In a few seconds, you’ll be ready to start optimizing your WordPress website to have it ranking higher and attracting the attention of new customers.

How and When WordPress SEO Services Can Help

One of the most important reasons that WordPress SEO services can benefit a WordPress website is there is no SEO plug-in that “does it all,” and furthermore, many of them are not compatible with each other. That is, you should only ever choose and install one, as they will conflict with each other.

WordPress SEO services can then pick up the slack. In the same fashion that computers make poor translators because they cannot think, a problem-solving team of WordPress SEO experts can respond effectively to changes in user behavior and craft solutions as eCommerce SEO evolves over time. SEO plugins and other such tools are just that – they are tools; it still takes a thinking engine to drive them effectively.

The SEO team behind our WordPress SEO services takes a holistic approach since no plugin can account for all of the ranking factors that impact a website and influence the search results. Our WordPress SEO specialists can perform all of the features of the plugins and more; optimizing your website with fresh content on a page-by-page basis, building an internal link structure, optimizing the technical aspects of your website, and more. We even build a backlink profile for your website which is something that a plugin can’t do on its own.

Another thing to remember is that a plugin can assist you with keyword research, but it can’t actually perform the research. That requires reflection and analysis, which are two things only a thinking mind can offer. That sets the stage for success.

If you’re interested in learning more about how WordPress SEO services can change your business for the better, consider starting with an SEO audit or get in touch with our WordPress SEO experts today.