The digital space runs on content, a necessity to fuel more traffic and activity throughout the web. Good writing can make good content, but it takes some added visuals to make content truly great.

Content is no different than anything else, consistency is key and complacency sends you in the wrong direction. Not only do you need to post consistently, by you need the quality of the content to live up to previous posts. Get complacent in your posts and the quality can start to slip without you realizing.

Keep taking your content to higher levels with the addition of great images, video and visual effects, and features that make potential customers think and act upon what they are seeing.

At Genius eCommerce, we know that visuals have a greater impact on influencing customers. How do we know this? It’s in the research.

Web content that contains images and videos receives, on average, up to 94 percent more views. Email marketing campaigns with images have higher click-through rates. Infographics have been known to increase website traffic by 12 percent. Even social media posts, like tweets on Twitter, that include an image or video can get between a 28 and 35 percent increase in retweets.

Why is it that all of these platforms succeed more with the aid of a visual? Simple, because humans are visual creatures. That’s human nature. We tend to be attracted to things that appear better looking. So, when you see one ad that is a bunch of words crammed into a small space or another that is bright, colorful and has eye-catching effects, you’ll not only see the latter first, but you’ll be more likely to choose the business in that ad because of how much they care about the appearance.

These visuals can also reach a person who needs a visual to gain their attention. The average person browsing the web can get bored really quickly and just continue scrolling through results aimlessly with no intention to stop. Give them a reason to stop scrolling and click to your website with a visual that grabs their attention.

Certain visuals can also create a connection. The biggest thing about using visuals is being able to capture someone’s attention and keep it. Visuals can create a connection built on emotion and messaging. The stronger the creativity of an ad or website is, the more likely it is to make a connection. It serves as the foundation of marketing success. Visuals also work to help solidify a brand for a business. Consistency in content is very important and using a specific image as a staple of the brand and promoting it consistently helps establish an identity.

Some visuals, specifically ones that establish brand, are also memorable to those who see them and lock in on them. Consider how you are using the visuals. Is it just to promote a brand? Is it for informational purposes? Visuals can help people remember, which is why they work so well in interactive content or learning pieces or in establishing a brand.

Adding visuals also creates more of an organic reach. The way search engines are designed and evolving, having a quality image or visual associated with your content can help it show up in a snippet on a search engine. Results with snippets that include a visual tend to perform better.

Visuals can also lead to more sales. Engagement should be the goal from visual content, images and video, and the more engagement you build, the more likely you are to see that turn into leads.

You may be wondering how you turn content into visuals for interaction and to attract more eyes. Repurposing content is a great way to do this.

Let’s say you conduct a poll through your website and want to post the results. You can list out that 38 percent of people picked option A and 27 percent picked option B or you can put the information into a pie chart and use a visual. See how easy it is to take basic information that you can get yourself and turn it into something that is visual?

So, start putting these tips to use or get help making your content memorable with visuals, images, videos and more. At Genius eCommerce, we know the tricks of the trade and what it takes to produce effective content. This is who we are and what we do! Check out the Genius eCommerce blog for more in eCommerce news, updates, and tips.