By now, you’ve probably come across hundreds of articles about eCommerce trends

Whether you’re a first-time online business owner or a multiple online shop owner, understanding what these trends are can serve your business in the long run. But seeing as you clicked on this, that means that you’re probably at the beginning of your journey to seeking eCommerce success. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. 

As you foray into the world of eCommerce and marketing, Genius eCommerce understands the know-how required to help your business achieve the goals you have set. Here are a few things to get you up to speed on what you should know and consider about emerging eCommerce trends

What are eCommerce Trends?

Anything you could possibly think of is probably online.  The need to stand out from the crowd or be in on all the relevant trends has become necessary.

eCommerce trends are, simply put, eCommerce marketing strategies that are widely practiced. With more businesses adapting to online transactions and marketing, different takes and approaches change the landscape every so often. 

By definition, a trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. The constantly evolving nature of all the aspects involved in a digital business makes it a challenge for businesses to stay on top of the competition. 

Why Should You Know About eCommerce Trends?

One of the most important aspects of bringing your products and services online is being accessible. This universal need is where trends are born out of. Simply providing solutions for accessibility and reach can easily translate into marketing efforts.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few of the many benefits a business can gain when staying updated on the latest trends, as shared by our trusted partner. 

Stay Relevant

Widely practiced trends can dictate your consumers’ needs. It is essential that your market knows that you are still providing your services and can keep up with their evolving needs. Some eCommerce trends require more manpower, a tech upgrade, or simply an added feature.

Staying relevant isn’t only to keep up with the times, but it is also to be able to target a younger audience that can be educated. Thanks to the widespread access to the internet, information has become a requirement and oftentimes an advantage, especially for consumers that seek to be empowered by education. 

Gain Traffic

The key to increasing revenue is by letting more people be introduced to your brand. Trends become popular because of the results they bring. When done right, the compatible trend for your market, messaging, and branding will direct potential customers to your website.

There are different metrics of success, from impression to engagement, and even follows, they can all contribute to gaining more visitors to your website. With the right medium, these site visits can easily become a sale- this is what you call a conversion. 

More Opportunities for Exposure

Hopping on trends helps you ride on the hype that everybody is familiar with. Aside from their proven efficacy, different platform algorithms- whether on social media or search- already have a set audience that can potentially be hit by your content. This allows more people to learn more about you, while not necessarily being the direct target. So, capitalize on these varying algorithms, as it places you in front of similar audiences or at least audiences that have shared interests and are likely to also be looking for your products. 

A tool and platform often overlooked is Google. The search engine has the power to direct users to relevant and reliable sources- so why not put your brand in the most used tool of all time? 

Trends To Look Out for in 2023

Trends become what they are because an audience resonates with them and it definitely addresses a need and gap in the market. So, you can say consumer behavior can dictate what trends will soon take over the market. 

Why should you know what’s currently trending? Studying consumer behavior and industry best practices can help businesses in their marketing efforts online. The age of digital transformation has ushered in the era of digital business. More businesses are starting online and then transitioning offline. Thanks to the cost-effective methods of building a company online, more entrepreneurs have the freedom to thrive in the new normal. If you’re looking to do the same and be on the upward trend, read on.  Here’s a look at these top eCommerce trends to watch out for in the coming year. 

Chatbots are Standard

Improved user experience includes access to information. You will notice accessibility and convenience are becoming an overarching theme in this piece. That’s because the shift online has enlightened people on how processes need not be tedious and bureaucratic by nature. If there is an efficient way to do things, consumers will prefer that- and chatbots address that need. 

Sustainability is a Priority

Consumers are now more aware of how they can make better decisions for the planet. If the generation before valued purpose and mission, the younger consumers put stock in supporting companies that provide sustainable options that do not contribute to the planet’s deterioration. 

Augmented Reality is Rising

The age of AR only being used for beauty filters is almost at an end. With more people being more open to purchasing most of their needs online, the need to better visualize a product or service in their home will soon become a standard online shopping experience.

While they can still be incorporated into social media, expect to have the option to place items in your home without having to physically worry about measurements, colors, and other details with the help of Augmented Reality. 

Tokengated eCommerce

Web3 is getting bigger and bigger, and as we see more adoption and use cases, more shoppers will expect crypto-related functionality when they buy online. This could mean adding a crypto payment gateway to your online store, or at the very least finding a way to honor purchases with crypto through another channel.

One trend we are seeing is that of tokengated eCommerce, where merchants can use NFTs as a membership pass that provides access to special products or categories, or provides discounts on select products. Tokengated eCommerce is taking off because crypto transactions are quick, secure, and convenient – so it makes sense why forward-thinking merchants are integrating NFTs and blockchain tech into their stores.

Stay On Top of eCommerce Trends with the Right Partner

Get your foot out the door and get started on your eCommerce site’s marketing strategy by trusting only expert providers. At Genius eCommerce, we have everything you need right here to put together a powerful digital marketing campaign that takes these 2023 eCommerce trends into account.

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