Content and SEO have always been important in the eCommerce space. But in 2019, it holds an increasingly important role.

Your SEO is what helps you rank on search engines and make an impact on organic results. It is the keywords that customers will be targeting that can direct them to you and your website, leading to conversions.

Content can add fuel to the SEO fire. Your content can be aided by the use of keywords that help them rank better in search engines, while also expanding your SEO efforts. All of these steps are greatly important.

Today, we will look at the importance of content and SEO, how the two go hand in hand, and why both are a trend in 2019. We’re Genius eCommerce, providing eCommerce tips, tricks, updates and more. This is who we are and what we do.

These things become more important in an age when paid media — elements like Google, Facebook, and Amazon — and the paid media teams cost quite a bit of money. In this age, having a blog and putting it to use is of great importance. In fact, so many eCommerce stores have a blog only to not use it.

For many people, this is because they feel like their product pages do enough of the SEO work. There are others who know the importance of SEO and what blogging can do, but just feel like they are not gifted enough to be a writer and put together posts on their industry, products or other related topics.

However, writing blog posts and producing contact that Google can push is important. Google pushes pages that can answer questions and be informative to readers. It’s important to have backlinks and content that matches what people are searching for and their intentions in searching that term. It’s why the SEO process includes a comprehensive audit of your strengths and weaknesses. It’s why SEO embraces content like tutorials, videos, and articles that provide a direct answer to a question.

Your content is important in building a brand. Your content is important for search terms and keyword placement. Your content can also stretch across platforms, into audio podcasts and YouTube videos, really increasing your reach.

A big reason for an emphasis on content is how many people are online and how much time they spend online. For retailers, this means putting their attention online and finding ways to engage with customers through a variety of platforms from social media to blogs to chatrooms and more.

Simply put, content and SEO are becoming the driving force in achieving success. You need to have new content regularly. You need to be up to speed on SEO practices. Once you put your energy into achieving the results you desire on search engines, you can expect to see the organic reach find success and reach new heights, leading to more conversions and customers for you.

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