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meta descriptions

The Importance of Meta Descriptions for eCommerce SEO

There are many small elements of SEO that can go a long way to getting better rankings and leading people to click through to your website. One of the factors that can be overlooked or undervalued is the use of meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are the short descriptive blurb that explains the website’s content and

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Let’s Talk Google Ranking Factors

Over the years, another new factor in ranking on search engines like Google has popped up. In 2014, it was HTTPS. In 2015, mobile usability was a factor. In 2016, it was content development. In 2017, the focus was back on HTTPS. Last year, in 2018, the focus was on page speed, particularly for mobile.

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eCommerce B2B B2C

Tips That Can Increase B2B eCommerce Sales and Repeat Customers

B2B eCommerce can be more complex than B2C, especially when it comes to acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. The effort required by sales teams is much more intense for businesses. Selling to new business obviously keeps things moving and improves your brand, it is the longevity of keeping existing customers that has a

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content seo

Why Content and SEO Are One of the Biggest eCommerce Trends in 2019

Content and SEO have always been important in the eCommerce space. But in 2019, it holds an increasingly important role. Your SEO is what helps you rank on search engines and make an impact on organic results. It is the keywords that customers will be targeting that can direct them to you and your website,

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Shopify SEO

Shopify and SEO: Ranking Your Store In Search Engines

Search engine optimization is a critical part of the success of your Shopify store. So much of your success relies on where you rank and how easily people can find you through organic search. As you start your Shopify store, you may not be sure of all the steps you need to take to achieve

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customer service customers

Converse with Customers for an Improved User Experience

User experience is a factor that has been subject to a number of trends in eCommerce over the last few years. If you are not making the experience as easy and simple as possible for your customers, or at least providing the necessary resources to make the shopping experience a quality one, you are falling

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organic search traffic

Organic Search is Still Valuable, Here’s Why

You may have read over the last year or so that organic SEO is dying. Truth be told, there was a small downward trend in organic search, but that hardly means SEO is dying. Google is the home of organic search, and as long as Google Ads continues to drive revenue, organic search will always

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B2B eCommerce

Why B2B eCommerce is a Growing Trend

When we hear the term eCommerce, we tend to this of the business to customer relationship, the direct bond the two have in a purchase. We think of eCommerce as the exchanging of goods and products between a business and a customer. In so many ways, B2B eCommerce holds so much more of a prominent

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local search

Why is Local Search and SEO Important?

For every small or medium-sized business, there is a desire to make a local impact within the community as much as there is to have eCommerce success on a national or global level. Local SEO and local search are two tactics that can help achieve this and are important to connecting with a local audience.

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