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The CBD market has become extremely competitive. That makes it imperative to have a team of CBD marketing experts that can help you design a strategy that positions your brand as an objective and scientifically solid source of therapeutic hemp products.

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Digital Marketing For the CBD Industry

The CBD industry is experiencing monumental growth right now, with more companies popping up every week. How are you differentiating yourself as a business? No matter how great your branding is and how solid of a social media presence you have built, you still need a concrete CBD marketing strategy that helps improve your organic traffic and provides a solid foundation for your online business.

Regardless of what kinds of CBD products you specialize in or whether your brand is more recreational or leans toward the potential health benefits of these products, one thing is clear: there’s more competition than ever before, and if you actually intend on building a successful CBD business, you need to take a serious look at your eCommerce SEO and do what’s necessary to start ranking higher in the SERPs.

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Our Seo Strategy Implements the Following Services

  • Comprehensive website & content auditsComprehensive website & content audits
  • Keyword research, mapping, and targetingKeyword research, mapping, and targeting
  • Unique Content CreationUnique Content Creation
  • Link BuildingLink Building
  • Manual Citation Building On-going ManagementManual Citation Building On-going Management
  • Google Analytics account setup, audits, and analysesGoogle Analytics account setup, audits, and analyses

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    CBD Marketing Services

    Are You Ready to Kick Off Your CBD SEO campaign?

    If you have been searching for CBD marketing services for your online store, look no further. We are an eCommerce digital marketing agency that understands the CBD industry and will be able to build a campaign that gets you the kind of results you are looking for. Building CBD SEO strategies that get results is what we do, and it’s our goal to do everything we can to help you put together a sound foundation for your eCommerce store so you can take full advantage of this burgeoning industry as it grows over the coming years.

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    Most cannabis SEO companies and CBD-focused agencies don’t do a good enough job focusing on the eCommerce side of things, but if you really want to improve the performance of your store, you need a SEO company that understands how to get results for online stores specifically. This means understanding shopper behavior and how to construct content that not only brings in traffic, but helps your conversion rates as well. Our custom approach to SEO ensures that the campaign we build for you will address your specific pain points and business goals, helping to propel your CBD business to new heights.

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    The Benefits of Internet Marketing For CBD Stores

    A smart CBD SEO strategy will put your business on the map like nothing else. Imagine landing on page one not only for your branded products, but for lucrative search terms like “best organic CBD gummies” or “high-quality CBD gel caps.” Depending on what kinds of cannabinoid products your store offers, and the specific audience you are trying to target, a skilled digital CBD marketing agency will be able to help you find success by uncovering untapped keywords and forming a powerful content strategy.

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    For CBD stores that are looking for a way to stand out in what is already becoming a crowded market, you need a well-built eCommerce SEO strategy that is based on hard data and proven ranking methods. In a tough niche where every Google position counts, the agency you choose for your CBD marketing services has to understand the industry and the needs of shoppers, while also having a firm grasp on how to write informative content and perform the necessary technical updates to your eCommerce website.

    Experiencing a higher volume of traffic and potential growth in sales aren’t the only reasons why search engine optimization services for the CBD industry are worth the investment. You also have to think of the improved brand awareness you will garner from having your products and web pages appear higher in the search results pages. This is the closest thing to an “Internet stamp of approval” that you will find, and it can translate to more sales for your business. Positioning yourself as a clear industry leader in the CBD marketplace can be achieved by investing in SEO for the long haul.

    cbd marketing
    cbd marketing
    cbd marketing

    What can Genius eCommerce® Do For Your CBD Store

    When it comes to digital marketing for eCommerce shops, we provide a different level of service. Clients love our CBD SEO services because they are transparent, comprehensive, aggressive, and data-driven, which means that they often produce surprising results. Everything from much-needed technical adjustments to professionally-written blogs are covered under one umbrella, which means that your CBD store will be firing on all cylinders. Our SEO team includes a tapestry of skilled eCommerce experts that know exactly how to get results in a wide variety of tough niches, including the CBD and cannabis industries.

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    What really sets us apart is our custom campaign approach. You won’t find pre-made plans and cookie-cutter solutions here. Genius eCommerce® has a progressive approach to building SEO campaigns for eCommerce businesses, that ensures each and every campaign is unique and hand-tailored for each business. When it comes to promoting CBD products, this is key, because every store has its own approach to this brand-new industry and in order to get the best results, marketing campaigns need to reflect this.

    One area that many online stores drop the ball on is their blog. Here at Genius eCommerce®, we understand the importance of informative SEO content when it comes to building SEO campaigns. Google is looking for websites that are constantly updating and providing users with fresh, relatable content that is worth promoting. Our team of skilled SEO copywriting experts will take your blog to the next level, with deeply informative pieces that will help not only to boost the authority of your website, but also direct users to your products and help them make more informed purchasing decisions. Shoppers are looking for reliable information on CBD oil and other popular CBD products, so in order to capture this traffic, you need professional-quality CBD content that is not only optimized for the search engines, but also useful for your users as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of CBD or cannabis products you are offering, your store needs a properly-managed blog.

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    "I had the pleasure of working with Genius eCommerce® on two separate projects, and they did an incredible job both on SEO and PPC and were able to hit all of my goals sooner than I expected, which was a nice surprise. Me personally I’ve always been a bit skeptical when it comes to SEO but Genius eCommerce® actually helped me to understand how it all works. Hats off to them."

    Jason F.

    "Really enjoy working with the Genius eCommerce® team on our SEO campaign. Their process is really transparent and I always knew what was going on without having to constantly chase people. They are extremely knowledgeable about what search engines want and after only a month and a half I jumped in rankings for several keywords I was targeting. They even helped me with blogging which I never really had time for before. I’m constantly getting little updates from them, communication is constant and very direct. Very happy with the results so far."

    Janet W.
    Shop Sunflower Boutique

    "They simplified everything so even I could understand it, which was a plus. They worked fast to get my campaign started and I saw results within the first few weeks. I like how they are always communicating with us, providing updates and progress on what’s going on. My goal for hiring Genius eCommerce® was to rank more of my products and increase my traffic and I have to say we’re on track to expand my campaign. These guys know their stuff."

    Rob G.
    Armada Co.

    "The team at Genius eCommerce® listened to all of my concerns and were able to create a strategy based on my business goals. I knew it took time to get results from SEO work because of my previous experiences working with marketing agencies, but I had no idea they’d be able to bring me more traffic so fast. It only took a couple weeks - 5 out of 5 stars."

    Steven W.
    Apparel Farm

    "I have one thing to say about Genius eCommerce®. If you want creative ways to build traffic and sales, hire these guys. They know what they’re doing."

    James O.
    Adrenaline Fuel Nutrition

    "We have been working with Genius eCommerce® for several months at this point and we are very impressed with what they have been able to do for us. Several page one rankings, more organic traffic and sales, constant updates. They are very data-driven and are helping us better understand our Google analytics and BigCommerce stats. Whenever we have a question they’re also really good about getting back to us quickly. Highly recommend them!"

    Aubrey C.
    Coastline Denim

    Sincerely Nuts
    Steinway & Sons
    Mac of all Trades

    these we make.
    our blog.

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