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    Don’t leave anything to chance. Genius eCommerce® is a data-driven eCommerce PPC management agency focused on results for businesses of all sizes. Our specialized tools produce detailed PPC audit reports that will provide unique insights and current trends in your industry, giving you a deep understanding of average click-through rates for search engines and display ads, allowing us to design effective strategies that will increase traffic and revenue while reducing customer acquisition costs. Get a free PPC audit and gain valuable insight on how to increase your ability to generate high-value leads.

    ecommerce PPC audit

    why perform a ppc audit?

    If you want to know how your ad campaign is performing when compared to competitors in the same spend brackets, you need a detailed PPC audit. Our detailed report will measure key metrics such as click-through rates, quality score, impressions, and wasted ad spend. This valuable information gives you the ability to take immediate and effective action that positively impacts your digital marketing strategy. Partner with the best PPC management agency to start building a hyper-targeted and viable game plan for increased sales.

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    ppc audit checklist

    Click-Through Rates

    Measuring CTR is the first step of every PPC audit process. However, this number alone does not tell the full story. Low CTRs can be worrisome and lead to lower conversion rates and quality scores. However, high click-through rates that don’t translate into higher revenue usually indicate that there is ample room for optimization in your ad campaign. This step reveals where your traffic sources come from and how each ad is performing and is the only way to start cutting wasted spend.

    Conversion Rates

    This is an extremely useful metric as it tells you how efficient your ads and landing pages are at attracting qualified traffic and leading it to conversion. Ideally, you will want to increase this number along with your CTR by making sure that your conversion funnel is completely optimized. Our specialized tools will analyze user behavior and determine the steps you need to add or remove from the customer journey to compel users to browse through your products and eventually convert.

    Keyword Research

    Your ads have a higher chance to appear in front of high-intent audiences if you are using the correct keywords for your industry and business model. Targeting generic keywords is, in most cases, inefficient. This can lead to increased costs and lower conversions, potentially draining your ad spend. Properly executed keyword research will not only pinpoint important high-value keywords but also reveal low-cost long-tail keywords that work in tandem with your buyer persona’s search intent. This is the most effective way to lower the cost of driving high-value traffic to your website.

    Ad Copy Optimization

    While it is important to include your target keywords in your ad copy, you need text that is fully optimized to bring in more clicks. This is done by carefully researching your buyer persona and studying user search behavior. Only by understanding the intention your audiences have when searching for certain products or services, can you craft highly-optimized ad copy that will affect both click-through rates and quality scores.

    Landing Page Optimization

    If your users do not know how to navigate your website or find it is too slow or cumbersome, they will bounce back to search results. Your landing page is your most important asset during an SEO and PPC campaign, so it needs to be optimized for maximum performance and efficiency. Our PPC audit tools also provide valuable insight into user behavior when they enter your website. We measure load speeds, session durations, and choke points. In other words, we discover the elements that interfere with your visitor’s user experience and prevent them from following through with their customer journey.

    Quality Score

    This is a hard-to-understand metric that many business owners fail to understand. However, it determines the likelihood of your ads being shown by Google to your audiences. Our proprietary tools allow us to identify the factors that need to be optimized to give your ads a good quality score right off the bat. Most people focus on increasing clickthrough rates to get higher Google QS. However, Google assigns a Quality Score as soon as you upload a new campaign, which takes other factors into account such as ad copy relevancy and keywords used.

    Wasted Spend

    A thorough PPC audit will give you precise metrics that, when analyzed, will determine how much of your ad spend is being wasted on useless traffic. Reducing this figure is vital for increasing ad efficiency and decreasing customer acquisition costs. There are many ways to reduce wasted spend: keyword research, landing page optimization, smart use of negative keywords. Keeping your wasted spend in check will save you significant amounts of money every month by ruling out ad campaigns or keywords that don’t convert.

    Discover an audience actively looking for your products and services near you with our hyper-targeted SEO approach and dominate your niche. Find out how to increase your chances to rank in searches performed near you from smartphones or voice-activated devices with the use of targeted keywords aimed at audiences with high purchasing intent. Have a clear understanding of how a laser-focused SEO campaign can point people in the right direction and increase your revenue.


    Accurate Data For Unparalleled Precision

    To be able to increase your Google Quality Score, you must count on completely reliable data. Each factor determines how Google evaluates your ads and can increase your chances of occupying highly coveted SERP real estate for increased clicks. This information serves as the cornerstone of every ad campaign that hopes to be successful.

    Genius eCommerce® is the most capable PPC management agency, and we will convert this raw data into actionable deliverables that generate substantial results. We work with specific and realistic timetables that allow you to have unprecedented control over your campaign. Try our PPC audit tool now and start your path to success.

    Technical SEO

    Detailed Competitive

    There is a reason your ads are not dominating the search engine and display results. Your competitors are doing everything in their power to create effective ads that rank and convert, making it almost impossible for you to outbid them without the help of marketing experts. Our competitor ad analysis helps provide some insight into what your competitors are doing and how you can out bid them. With our help, you can determine not only how you can leverage their weaknesses, but also craft a killer, pay-per-click ad group.

    Genius eCommerce® routinely performs comprehensive PPC audits that shed light on crucial factors such as quality scores, click-through rates, traffic sources, keyword value, user behavior, conversion and bounce rates, landing page metrics, and more. The only way to start crafting an effective PPC campaign is to have accurate data and partner up with our expert eCommerce agency.

    Social Media PPC Audit

    We perform a thorough PPC and account audit of your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest accounts. Our specialized PPC audit tools will perform a 360° degree assessment of your campaigns and provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions and improve your social media advertising. Start creating cost-effective social media posts that generate engagement and traffic to your store or landing page with the help of our eCommerce SEO experts.

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    If you want more traffic, leads, and revenue, Genius eCommerce® will point you in the right direction. Learn how to cost-effectively and sustainably achieve your business goals.

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