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    At Genius eCommerce® we don’t leave anything to chance. We are a data-driven digital marketing agency focused on results for eCommerce businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Every successful SEO campaign starts with a thorough understanding of how your website is performing, analysis of where your competitors are outperforming you, and what factors are affecting your rankings. Get a free SEO audit and increase your chances of dominating your industry for years to come.

    on-page seo factors

    Our proprietary audit tool analyzes a multitude of on-page metrics that could be impacting the performance of your website, giving you the ability to take immediate action. Our SEO experts will sort every issue by priority, providing an accurate and viable game plan for long-term results.

    Meta Titles

    Using the right meta titles or title tags provides search engines clear clues about what your pages are about and how their bots should be crawling your site for optimal results. They are an integral piece in the SEO puzzle and having the pages on your site structured logically is the best way to let search engines know what pages are better to rank for their users.

    Meta Descriptions

    Meta descriptions serve a dual purpose. They are short snippets of text under each listing on a search engine results page and enable search engines to understand the purpose of the pages on your site. Additionally, they can also provide an enhanced user experience by showcasing call-to-action statements that can capture a reader’s attention.

    The more compelling these snippets of text are, the higher your click-through rates and conversions.

    Heading Hierarchies

    Headings and subheadings give the reader a quick overview of what your page or document is about. Most visitors only scan through the text trying to find very specific information. If they can’t see it right away, they bounce back to the search results. Having clever heading, subheading, and title tag structures allows users to find information quickly and can even steer users down the conversion funnel. If your heading structure is optimized to answer questions related to your business and industry, it might even earn your website a listing on the Google SERP feature, ‘People Also Ask’, boosting your click-through rates.


    Google’s main priority is to find the most relevant results to a user’s search query. If your website does not offer high-quality and informative content, search engines will tend to ignore it. However, crafting optimized website copy requires a thorough understanding of how keywords work, and what your audience expects to find when performing a query.

    Internal Linking

    Having a logical and solidly structured link architecture is important to help visitors understand how the pages on your site are organized. It also helps Google bots use their crawl budget more efficiently, and distribute link equity more evenly across your website.

    Image Optimization

    Your website must make smart use of images. They all must meet high-quality standards, yet keep image resolution in check so they never affect page load speeds. The correct use of alt text for images also increases your chances of being found through image searches, creating additional traffic sources for your eCommerce store.


    Backlinks are an incredibly important ranking factor. They represent votes of confidence other websites and users give to your website based on the information you offer, your products, and even your customer service. The more high-quality links your site attracts, the better the chances for it to rank. However, there might be links pointing to your site from low authority or spam sites. These links are toxic and might be holding your website back. A complete SEO audit is the best way to scan and list all the links pointing to your website to find potentially dangerous domains.


    Full Competitive Analysis

    There is a reason your website is not dominating search engine results in your industry. Your competitors are doing everything in their power to outperform your online store. Our competitor analysis helps you understand where your traffic comes from, and does not come from, and how your competitors are performing to determine not only how you can capitalize on their weaknesses, but also develop a plan for long-term SEO success.

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    Genius eCommerce® provides a complete SEO audit that sheds light on crucial factors such as traffic sources, keyword value, audience demographics, user behavior, conversion and bounce rates, page loading speeds, and more. With precise SEO data and expert technical SEO advice, you will have a clear path to the top organic rankings and increased revenue.

    Technical SEO

    Keyword Search Opportunities

    Our thorough SEO analysis report will evaluate and compare the keywords you are currently targeting against more valuable keywords your audience prefers when searching for products and services related to your industry. This allows you to become nimble and adaptable, providing your business the resilience and flexibility it needs and increasing your chances of dominating your industry in a more cost-effective way.

    dominate your niche

    Discover an audience actively looking for your products and services near you with our hyper-targeted SEO approach and dominate your niche. Find out how to increase your chances to rank in searches performed near you from smartphones or voice-activated devices with the use of targeted keywords aimed at audiences with high-intent. Have a clear understanding of how a laser-focused SEO campaign can point people in the right direction and increase your revenue.

    If you want more traffic, leads and revenue, Genius eCommerce® will tell you exactly how to achieve your business goals in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

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    Thank you team! It’s hard not to be skeptical when you’re looking for an SEO team. My company has been burnt before. GE totally changed that perspective, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire them for organic search work. Their team is top notch, and our organic ROI is on the rise, and so far we’re doing better than expected 6 month into the SEO campaign.

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    We have had a great relationship with Genius eCommerce and most of their team. Their dedicated teams, strategic thought from an overall search perspective and education given to our clients has been informative and very well received. I can’t say enough about the team members I work with, they are fully dedicated and available when we need them and help us bring successful holistic campaigns to our clients. I highly recommend Genius eCommerce to anyone looking to up their game and elevate their SEO, PPC, Email marketing campaigns.

    Love My Swag

    We have used Genius eCommerce for numerous projects and ongoing SEO campaigns over the past year, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the partnership. They deliver quality results with prompt communication, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

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