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    ppc company
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    ppc campaigns to outperform your competitors

    Our eCommerce marketing agency builds PPC campaigns that not only generate clicks but also help you boost your conversion metrics. Surgically target high-quality leads and drastically increase your marketing budget’s ROI with our proven PPC campaign methods.

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    Genius eCommerce® specializes in tailoring PPC Company campaigns for eCommerce businesses. We can help you business ensure that your ads are seen by qualified traffic and create conversions.

    Our PPC services include






    Weekly & Monthly


    Maximizing CPC



    pay per click

    Google PPC

    Google PPC

    Almost all internet traffic begins with a search. That’s what makes Google Ads PPC such an effective tool. By bidding on the correct keywords, you can turn curious consumers into conversions. Our team can help you business optimize its keyword bidding and remarketing strategies to see incredible results and maximize your ROI.

    Amazon PPC Marketing

    Amazon PPC Marketing

    If you’re business is already on Amazon and you want to increase your conversions & sales, Amazon PPC is a great way to increase your traffic. Our team is here to analyze your market and use Amazon’ PPC platform to help increase reduce your CPC while upping your sales. We have helped several clients increase their Amazon sales with these tools and we are ready to put our expertise to work for your business.

    Shopify Plus

    eCommerce ppc campaigns

    Setting up an eCommerce PPC campaign is always a larger task than you think. Signing up for Google Adwords and bidding on some keywords is just the tip of the iceberg. Without knowing the ins and outs of keyword selection and your CPC, you can end up wasting money chasing customers who are not going to convert. Our team is here to help your business optimize your campaign to draw the correct audience to your products and maximize your ROI for every click.


    Google Shopping

    Google Shopping

    Marketing with PPC is a great way to get seen, but the true challenge is making sure the right people are seeing your ads.

    Amazon PPC

    Amazon PPC

    Deciphering analytics and seeing where we can improve your bids and campaign techniques is our speciality.



    Our PPC team knows the little details that can make a huge difference in your conversions and get you that lower CPC values and raise your ROI.

    Dynamic Marketing

    Dynamic Marketing

    If you’ve had difficulty pulling off PPC in the past or you just want to hit the ground running, let our experts handle the legwork for you.

    PPC Company
    Pay per click tidbits


    Initial keyword selection and continuous optimization will be the foundation of your PPC campaign. Let the best eCommerce marketing agency leverage the latest analytical strategies to find the best keywords based on you products and you intended audience’s browsing and shopping habits. Knowing the ins and outs of your business allows our experts to know which keywords to bid on and when, helping to optimize your CPC and increase your traffic.

    Google, Facebook, Amazon & Bing

    There are many possible platforms for PPC marketing. Our team of marketing experts can help you decide how to diversify your campaign across these different channels. Each of these platforms has idiosyncrasies that make them unique, and they require unique strategies to employ efficiently. Our team can help you understand and optimize your ads for the unique audiences on every PPC channel.

    One Dedicated Project Manager

    We assign one of our dedicated marketing project managers to each of our clients. This ensures that you are dealing with someone who understands your business and provides a layer of security against any sensitive information being circulated between multiple users.

    Search Network

    While many think that PPC is simply the top ad spots on Google, there is much more to PPC marketing than meets the eye. Instead of guessing and tweaking your campaign between target and topic focused keywords or search network versus display network ads, our team can start optimizing these options from the jump. A huge number of factors goes into getting the best ROI, and our team is here to help take the guesswork out of decoding those factors.

    Detailed Keyword Research

    If keywords are the foundation of your campaign, ensuring you start with the correct keywords is what will make that foundation sturdy enough to build on. Our team can help you assemble a list of keywords to maximize conversions and allow your campaign and business to grow together.

    Banner/Image Ads

    There are nearly infinite ways to utilize the AdWords Display Network. Placing your banner and image ads with precision is the key to get your products in front of the right audience and turning curious users into new customers. Our marketing experts know exactly where to place your ads to make the Display Network work perfectly for your business.

    Remarketing / Retargeting

    Remarketing is a perfect way to draw users who have shown interest back to your site. While this can be a powerful tool for attracting past visitors, there are a huge number of factors that contribute to remarketing success. Our experts can help you navigate the process of creating the correct tags, lists, rules, and parameters to ensure that your remarketing strategy is targeting the right audience.

    Analytics Analysis

    Analytics gives you business an amazing suite of data for understanding your customer base, but sometimes the scope of this data can be a little overwhelming. Finding which analytics to focus on and narrowing these choice data selections into effective strategies is what we do best. Our team will help separate the wheat from the chaff and create simple analytics data displays on our dashboard so you can monitor your PPC progress.

    Conversion Tracking

    Tracking conversions is one of the most important factors in determining the success of a PPC campaign. If your website does not already have conversion code in place, our team will help you place it in your website’s code so you can accurately determine your campaign’s performance.

    Adtext A/B Testing

    No matter who much experience we throw at a campaign, some of the most effective changes involve a bit of guesswork. Instead of making blind changes and hoping for the best, we employ continuous A/B testing to determine the effectiveness of small changes in your ad strategy and optimize those changes for your entire campaign.

    Weekly Reporting

    Our automated weekly campaign updates and comprehensive analytics dashboard means you can always stay on top of your PPC campaign performance.

    Monthly Reporting

    Once per month your campaign’s project manager will reach out to discuss the current direction of the campaign and ensure that it is meeting your expectations.

    measurable seo results.

    seo results Mac of all Trades

    Mac of all Trades

    increase in organic traffic in 1 year


    increase in organic revenue in 1 year

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    seo results HB Sports

    HB Sports

    increase in organic traffic in 3 months


    increase in organic revenue in 3 months

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    seo results iDemiGods


    increase in organic transactions


    increase in organic revenue

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    FREE In-depth SEO and PPC Analysis

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    "I had the pleasure of working with Genius eCommerce® on two separate projects, and they did an incredible job both on SEO and PPC and were able to hit all of my goals sooner than I expected, which was a nice surprise. Me personally I’ve always been a bit skeptical when it comes to SEO but Genius eCommerce® actually helped me to understand how it all works. Hats off to them."

    Jason F.

    "Really enjoy working with the Genius eCommerce® team on our SEO campaign. Their process is really transparent and I always knew what was going on without having to constantly chase people. They are extremely knowledgeable about what search engines want and after only a month and a half I jumped in rankings for several keywords I was targeting. They even helped me with blogging which I never really had time for before. I’m constantly getting little updates from them, communication is constant and very direct. Very happy with the results so far."

    Janet W.
    Shop Sunflower Boutique

    "They simplified everything so even I could understand it, which was a plus. They worked fast to get my campaign started and I saw results within the first few weeks. I like how they are always communicating with us, providing updates and progress on what’s going on. My goal for hiring Genius eCommerce® was to rank more of my products and increase my traffic and I have to say we’re on track to expand my campaign. These guys know their stuff."

    Rob G.
    Armada Co.

    "The team at Genius eCommerce® listened to all of my concerns and were able to create a strategy based on my business goals. I knew it took time to get results from SEO work because of my previous experiences working with marketing agencies, but I had no idea they’d be able to bring me more traffic so fast. It only took a couple weeks - 5 out of 5 stars."

    Steven W.
    Apparel Farm

    "I have one thing to say about Genius eCommerce®. If you want creative ways to build traffic and sales, hire these guys. They know what they’re doing."

    James O.
    Adrenaline Fuel Nutrition

    "We have been working with Genius eCommerce® for several months at this point and we are very impressed with what they have been able to do for us. Several page one rankings, more organic traffic and sales, constant updates. They are very data-driven and are helping us better understand our Google analytics and BigCommerce stats. Whenever we have a question they’re also really good about getting back to us quickly. Highly recommend them!"

    Aubrey C.
    Coastline Denim

    Sincerely Nuts
    Steinway & Sons
    Mac of all Trades

    these we make.
    our blog.

    October 20, 2022

    By now, you’ve probably come across hundreds of articles about eCommerce trends.  Whether you’re a first-time online business owner or a multiple online shop owner, understanding what these trends are can serve your business in the long run. But seeing as you clicked on this, that means that you’re probably at the beginning of your […]

    May 13, 2022

    After two years of unparalleled expansion, the eCommerce environment has started to slow down. Many businesses grew accustomed to increased traffic and sales caused by the lockdown economy. Like manna from the sky, visitors seemed to pour down endlessly and all we had to do was keep our websites tidy and clean so customers would […]

    March 25, 2022

    Many business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to build an online store and create a reliable form of passive revenue. On the other hand, eCommerce platforms enjoy a healthy reputation for being incredibly easy to use and provide merchants with great tools to help them sell their products and services to an […]

    FREE In-depth SEO & PPC Analysis

    Valid for new merchants only.

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      What keywords do you want to target?

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