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Does Social Media Have an Impact on SEO?

Social media and SEO: are they related? When we think of digital marketing, we think of both as part of the equation. But does social media marketing really help and have an impact on the results you can get from SEO? In short, while there is no direct relation or impact made by social media

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Tips for Optimizing Your BigCommerce Website

BigCommerce is one of the top eCommerce platforms available. If you are using one of the top platforms, you want to get the most out of it. At Genius eCommerce, we stay up to date on the top eCommerce platforms so you can find the right one for you and utilize its features for maximum

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The Top eCommerce Trends of 2018

The world of eCommerce is always evolving, and the end of the calendar year is a good time to look back and see the areas where things evolved, changed, and shifted in eCommerce trends. This is who we are at Genius eCommerce, keeping up on the trends as they happen and informing you on ways

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Ways You Can Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

The main shopping rush with Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now in the past behind us, but the holiday season is alive and well as the calendar turns to December. This can be a busy month for eCommerce, with so many people making purchases for their loved ones and trying to get it done

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Boost Your SEO with These Social Media Strategies

In many businesses, SEO and social media are considered as separate entities, and that just simply is not the case. Social media marketing can be an ally to SEO and help increase your organic reach. If you have a business that has a larger team, one that could easily separate SEO and social media marketing

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How to Best Utilize Social Media for eCommerce

How’s Your Social Media Presence? It’s a band-aid that every eCommerce business has to rip off eventually: the painful realization that your sales will be forever stunted if you don’t have any social media focus. What a hassle, right? In some regards, you’re correct. It is annoying. It is hard. It is also, however, absolutely

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