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    ecommerce seo audit by genius ecommerce®

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    Genius eCommerce® offers a comprehensive and free eCommerce SEO audit, driven by industry leading eCommerce best practices.

    our free ecommerce seo audit process includes


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    why an ecommerce seo audit?


    Your eCommerce website might look awesome, but there is a reason your competitors are still ahead of you. We can find it by performing a few checks on your website’s structure and measure its accessibility and indexability. Our proprietary eCommerce audit tool and our team of SEO experts will take a quick look under the hood and pull all the information we need to start improving your rankings right away.


    Your website has to offer a great experience to all of your visitors no matter how they access it. We check your website for compatibility issues with mobile devices and load speeds that can affect the overall user experience and give your website a low ranking in searches.


    We put every page on your website side to side to find out if your meta titles, meta descriptions, tags, and content, all follow a logical pattern. We also check for duplicate content which is extremely common in enterprise-level businesses with thousands or millions of product descriptions and landing pages. One important factor to check is inbound and outbound link building strategies. They can affect what Google thinks of your website in terms of authoritativeness. Toxic links pointing to your site might be dragging your business down.


    This is the moment of truth. Keyword research will reveal who is who in the battlefield, and give you an unbiased perspective about your relative position in the market. You might not like what you see, but this is the only way to know why your current SEO efforts are not yielding the expected results and uncover the secret of a winning campaign for your eCommerce.

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    There are more than 200 signals or ranking factors that tell Google which websites will go on the first page today. Only by performing an eCommerce SEO audit, will you know if your website and brand are sending the right signals. The competition is fierce; after 2020 at least 25% of the North American population shops online at least once a week, and these numbers only go up. But that means that most retail stores also entered the field, and only those with a professional and experienced eCommerce SEO team on their side will have the chance of ranking and bringing traffic to their sites.

    At Genius eCommerce® we offer a free eCommerce SEO audit that uncovers technical SEO problems and allows the trained eye to spot any untapped source of traffic and conversions. Talk today to one of our eCommerce SEO specialists and begin your path to success.

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    ecommerce seo audit by geniusecommerce

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    five stars

    Thank you team! It’s hard not to be skeptical when you’re looking for an SEO team. My company has been burnt before. GE totally changed that perspective, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire them for organic search work. Their team is top notch, and our organic ROI is on the rise, and so far we’re doing better than expected 6 month into the SEO campaign.

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    five stars

    We have had a great relationship with Genius eCommerce and most of their team. Their dedicated teams, strategic thought from an overall search perspective and education given to our clients has been informative and very well received. I can’t say enough about the team members I work with, they are fully dedicated and available when we need them and help us bring successful holistic campaigns to our clients. I highly recommend Genius eCommerce to anyone looking to up their game and elevate their SEO, PPC, Email marketing campaigns.

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    We have used Genius eCommerce for numerous projects and ongoing SEO campaigns over the past year, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the partnership. They deliver quality results with prompt communication, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

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    PPC campaigns are one of the most effective lead generators out there. However, designing a winning strategy that gives you the most bang for your buck requires the help of professionals to help you pinpoint your target audience, design an effective campaign, find the right keywords, and implement cost-effective PPC campaigns.

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    You should always keep an eye on your PPC campaign to make sure there are ways to reduce costs and increase conversions. Our wizards at Genius eCommerce® always find a way to get the best keywords and target audience, and design a strategy that maximizes your return on ad spend. Learn how to put in place a peak performance campaign with our Free PPC Audit.

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      What's your website URL?

      What keywords do you want to target?

      Who are your main competitors?

      Please provide your contact information:

      Which in-depth analysis are you interested in?